Cursed From Both Sides

Sam and her best friend Ivy are grads and very known at their school for having amazing singing voices, Sam has feelings for one of the band members and Ivy is dating one. Their lives are pretty good from the school and friend perspective but after a Halloween dance at Redlok High School they travel to one of Sam's favourite places, the cemetery, not only does sam get closer to a Ben, she gets the worst pain in her stomach and passes out. From then on she is cursed with becomming a black panther and Ivy is cursed with being able to hear cat thoughts, you could say their world is being turned upside down. How will they get through it and how well will they cope with their new abilities? Will running away from their problems, if its possible, help?


1. 1

Being a grad at Red-High is great, especially on my favourite holiday, Halloween. Its the best. Why is Halloween my favourite holiday? Well it's the one night where you get to dress up as something or someone else and just have a great night! Plus the Halloween dance at school is always the best, no matter what grade you are in. Tonight my best friend Ivy and I are going as cats, I am going as a Black Panther and Ivy is going as a Cheetah. 


As I finish putting on the last of the black panther spots on my black outfit i go to the bathroom door because i need to finish my makeup but Ivy was in there getting ready so i knocked twice, "Ivy? Girl i have to finish my makeup and we have to leave soon for our sound check anyways, can you let me in please?" I heard the door unlock and then my best friend was staring at me smiling. I smiled back, " thanks, i just need to put the black lipstick on and then we can leave." Ivy nodded and  replied, "awesome lets get to it." we finished putting on our makeup and then we basically ran out the door so we could meet the band early for our sound check. Ever since grade ten at our Christmas assembly we have been very well known at the school. If you haven't guessed, Ivy and I can really sing, at that Christmas assembly we sang for the school and everyone loved us so now for about every assembly or dance the school wants us to sing for, we go for it. We love it, and the band is great. There is our drummer Spence and he is dating Ivy, he is very full of himself which doesn't at all hide the fact that he is quite obnoxious at times. There is our guitar player Ben, I have had the biggest crush on him ever since Ivy and I started singing with them. Ben is a sweetheart, he is very selfless, a great guitar player and probably the nicest person ever. Then there is our bass player his name is Max and he doesn't really talk much so I don't really know his character as well as I know Spence and Ben's. 


As we pulled up to the school my heart started racing which i thought was weird because I never get nervous before preforming. 

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