It all started with a click

I walked through the Valley (lol get it the valley?!) and once I got to my spot I saw a blonde haired man with a dark black suit on, I stopped where I was. It sorta looked cool a guy just standing there in the middle of a valley. I looked closer with the camera up to my eye, the man started to raise his hands up but then quickly moved them back down and laid his head in his hands. I couldn't help it I took a picture. Right when the click sounded he turned around, I didn't even want to know what was wrong with him but he was crying so let's face it just because he left me doesn't mean I have to be rude, I gave him a sly smile. His face was full of shock and sadness.


7. #6

****2 months later***** I walked into work with my uniform on and my purse hanging on my shoulder, these last two months have been a little busy for me. Me and Harry went out as friends but kissed but we both didn't feel anything so we are just brother and sister now, that was a week after I got the job here at Starbucks. I hung out with all the boys but ive had small feelings for Liam. I know he has that girlfriend and all but cmon he is smokin. Me and Niall barley talked, when we did it just turned out as yelling so that made us decide to just shut up. I was still being rude but he deserved it, all of it. The boys left 3 weeks after my little encounter so there gone. I have recently moved to Aussie but today I was coming to have my last official day and pick up a few things. And if your wondering about Mia well 3 days after mine and Harry's date she went out with him. She was a little drunk, when Mia's drunk the whole Earth is drunk. But anyway she was walking across a walk way across the street cause she wanted gummy bear ice cream. But when she was right in the middle a drunk guy ran her over. It's still a little hard for me but I'll get over it at one point. I walk in to see my manager still gorgeous as ever, but this time his eyes were all puffy and red. Wonder why. (and yes I did learn his name it is Zach) ''Whats wrong Zachy?'' I really have become close to him but not that kind of close but close as in best friends but I knew he had feelings for me you could just see it in his eyes. ''I don't want you to leave..'' I smiled at him. ''Its ok, you still have my number right?'' he looked at me ''Well yeah'' I gave him an ever bigger grin. ''Then that means I can still talk to you, it's not like I'm going to be gone forever and ever.'' he started to giggle a little but then his expression turned absolutely serious. ''What? Zach what is it?'' he then. Narrows his eyes, I turn around and there is Niall, but this time he's with everyone.************* Zach pulls me into the office and i sit on the couch. ''What the hell are they doing here there not suppose to be here anymore, there on tour.'' I say in a slight shock. ''I dont know but I'm going to get them out of my coffee shop.'' I quickly snapped my head up at him ''You can't just throw someone out for coming in, and besides you'll lose your place as manager.'' he looked down at me and his face softened. ''Fine but I don't want them hurting you'' I smiled at him, I got up and went to the door. ''Everyone says you have to face your problems, but this one is to hard for me.'' I lock the door and run back over to the couch and I start to cry. Why is my life so difficult right now? Is it because I'm suppose to be dead? Is it because I'm just a weird girl? I know why though! My life would be perfect if he-he didn't leave in the first place. I mean yes he's accomplished a lot but........Why can't I be with him? Why couldnt I tag along with him? I quit college cause I have nothing to do there anymore, I don't like photos anymore it just brings to much back to me. I'm glad I'm moving. It's what's best for everyone. Maybe I can move on there and just forget about everything in London and Ireland. It will be my past, that I no longer care about.----------------------I would write a little longer but I don't have time. It's my dads birthday tomorrow and I'm going with my mom to get gifts so yeah. Thanks so much! I know I barley have any likes or comments but I still appreciate it when you guys like fav and comment. It means so much to me that you actually like my story!!!!!!! thank you guys again love you! -Me<3
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