It all started with a click

I walked through the Valley (lol get it the valley?!) and once I got to my spot I saw a blonde haired man with a dark black suit on, I stopped where I was. It sorta looked cool a guy just standing there in the middle of a valley. I looked closer with the camera up to my eye, the man started to raise his hands up but then quickly moved them back down and laid his head in his hands. I couldn't help it I took a picture. Right when the click sounded he turned around, I didn't even want to know what was wrong with him but he was crying so let's face it just because he left me doesn't mean I have to be rude, I gave him a sly smile. His face was full of shock and sadness.


20. #19

''uh well we uh um'' Michael was looking down not even noticing that Luke had just won. '' You weren't in bed last night so we came over here this morning to see if you were here and we saw you guys laying in bed so we toured the house and found this!'' Calum said like it was no big deal. Witch in my wasn't the big either but still. ''Ill let it fly this time but next time please ask!'' they all nodded and Michael turned back to the game only to see that the credits were playing. ''Ah man! Why didnt you wait for me?'' Luke just shrugged and took the controller out of Michaels hands and handed it to Calum and they started a game. I shook my head and me and Ashton made our way upstairs to enjoy a nice breakfast together. After breakfast I went over to my laptop and logged on to my email. I applied for 3 other places. I had one reply and surprisingly it was the model one. I applied to be a Ambercrombie model. I never really like Ambercrombie but at least it's a job and I'll get payed well. I have done some modeling in my life so I guess it works out. I was a stupid target model. But now I'm a Ambercrombie model! I looked through the email. ''Blahblah blah'' I looked at the very end and there was a tiny paragraph. 'Thanks again Kimberley for applying we will be happy to have you. We have heard back from London and some magazines were looking to hire you but you had already left for Aussie. It will be lovely to have an experienced model here. Thank you ever so much. Cheryl' hmm odd. Oh well. The Email also said robe there at 5:00 tonight. It was around 1:34 now. Ashton came over and sat next to me peeking over my shoulder. I smiled and logged on to twitter. I had a ton more followers, that means one thing. Someone famous tagged me in a tweet. I looked through and saw that it was from Ambercrombie. It said '@Ambercrombieofficial: Glad to be adding a new model to the Amber family! @KimmehA' I smiled I was actually quite excited. I am going to be sent everywhere around the world though. My Aunt was a model so whenever I went to visit her and her family in Cheshire she usually wouldn't be there. ''Im excited for you Hun!'' Ashton said quietly into my ear I just nodded ''Me too I can't even believe I got in!'' he smiled ''What time do you have to be there?'' I scrunched up my nose ''About five'' he nodded I just giggled and set my laptop down. After I stretched and saw Ashton staring me up and down I heard the doorbell ring. I walked over and looked through the peephole to see Rachels piercing Blue eyes. I opened the door. ''Hi!'' I smiled at her and looked to her side to see a very tiered Lizzy. ''Hi um I came to ask if you would take care of Lizzy. She's sick and I really need to run to do something for a friend so would you mind just sorta looking after her? I can't leave her with the boys.'' I smiled ''I'd be glad to! How long do you think you would be? because I have a interview for a job at 5'' she tilted her head thinking. ''Um probably around six would you mind bringing her with you? Or I could trust the boys for a little while I guess'' I laughed and nodded ''Im sure they'd do fine'' she sorta gave me a 'Are you sure?' look I just smiled some more. ''Id be more than happy to take care of her till I have to leave'' I looked down at Lizzys little red face and gave her a little wink. She tried her very best to do one back. ''Alright she should be fine just make sure she takes these pills at 4:30'' I nodded and she handed me a little bag with the medicine in it. ''And if she throws up over her clothes then just run over and grab something.'' ''Ill take very good care of you Hun bun'' I said looking down at her and giving her a little poke on the nose. She giggled. ''Alrighty I think that's all you need. If anything goes wrong just call me. And Ashton knows what she looks like when she is about to hurl'' I nodded ''Of course! You be on your way!'' she smiled and had a small pep talk with Liz then said a quick goodbye and made her way over to her car. ''So Liz what do you feel like doing?'' her eyes were droopy and she looked like she was about to collapse on the ground. I picked her up and brought her up to my room. I layed her down and grabbed a bucket. I flipped through netflix till she told me to stop. ''You wanna watch this?'' she smiled and nodded. I quickly prestigious play for tinker bell and turned on the fan. ''Alright if you need anything just ring this bell.'' I said while setting a little black bell on the side table. She nodded and got comfortable. I left the room, right as I was about to walk down the first step I hear the sound of the little bell. Oh gosh.***************--------What do ya think? Like/fav/comment/fan I'm so sorry for spell checks!!! -meh
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