It all started with a click

I walked through the Valley (lol get it the valley?!) and once I got to my spot I saw a blonde haired man with a dark black suit on, I stopped where I was. It sorta looked cool a guy just standing there in the middle of a valley. I looked closer with the camera up to my eye, the man started to raise his hands up but then quickly moved them back down and laid his head in his hands. I couldn't help it I took a picture. Right when the click sounded he turned around, I didn't even want to know what was wrong with him but he was crying so let's face it just because he left me doesn't mean I have to be rude, I gave him a sly smile. His face was full of shock and sadness.


15. #14

I hopped out of my shower and stood in front of my body length mirror. 'ugh I'm so fat' I had a flat stomach and a thigh gap but it wasn't a huge thigh gap. I used to be anorexic but I stopped for Mia. She always told me that she wanted me to stop so when she died I stopped. But I'm thinking about starting up again. I wrapped a towel around my body and then a medium sized towel in my hair. I walked out of my bathroom to my closet. I chose on some Jean shorts with a black tank top that had the words 'Cool story bro' written in toy story letters. I have all kind of things with 'cool story bro' on then its crazy how much I have. I walked back over to my bathroom and took the towel out of my hair. I blow dryed it and then straightened it. I let it cascade down my back. I put a couple pins in to pull back my side bangs. I did light make up and then once I was satisfied I made my way down stairs. I opened my door to be hit instantly with the smell of food. I ran down the stairs and straight to the kitchen. I pushed open the door to be greeted with all the boys eating. I saw that there was a plate left so I assumed it was for me. I went over and dug in. ''Oh my gosh this is amazing!'' as I finished my last bite of my omelet. ''Thank you I sorta have a talent in cooking'' Ashton said. His cheeks flushed a little ''Well that means you'll be over here alot cause I'm horrible!'' I said with a smile. We created small talk then I looked at the time. 2:30! ''oh my gosh I need to be there soon!!'' I said running around finding my purse belongings. I soon had everything then the boys and I sprinted to my car.********______sorry its super short I just wanted to get you guys updated I'm so busy it's not even funny! Love you,
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