It all started with a click

I walked through the Valley (lol get it the valley?!) and once I got to my spot I saw a blonde haired man with a dark black suit on, I stopped where I was. It sorta looked cool a guy just standing there in the middle of a valley. I looked closer with the camera up to my eye, the man started to raise his hands up but then quickly moved them back down and laid his head in his hands. I couldn't help it I took a picture. Right when the click sounded he turned around, I didn't even want to know what was wrong with him but he was crying so let's face it just because he left me doesn't mean I have to be rude, I gave him a sly smile. His face was full of shock and sadness.


14. #13

I woke up to a bunch of knocks on my door. Ugh. I got out of bed and walked down the cold stairs and walked over to the door, I opened it up to see four hyper boys on my front porch. ''What in the heck are you doing here?'' I asked in my sleepy voice ''Woah you look pretty bad'' Calum said. I snapped my head in his direction and gave him a sharp glare, he stepped back a few steps. ''Maybe because you guys woke me up!'' I rolled my eyes. ''Well we just wanted to see if you wanted to go to zero gravity!'' Luke said. Oh my gosh my job applications! ''Uh I can't I applied for a few jobs last night, but come in I need to check my email.'' I moved from the middle of the doorway to let them in. They all walked in taking there shoes off. I walked over to the couch where I left my laptop. I opened it up, I felt shifting on the couch and looked to my right to see all four boys sitting on each other. ''You guys do know you can sit in the other chairs right?'' I asked they all looked at me and made a confused face. ''Well you could've told us that!'' Michael said and got off of likes lap. ''Man you guys are annoying'' I mumbled under my breath. Thankfully they didn't hear me. I opened up to my G-mail. It took a while to load till there were 25 emails popped on my screen. Most of them were just updates from my twitter and tumblr and all that. But 2 caught my eye. One was from a pizza place I didn't even apply fir and the other was from Starbucks. I opened up the Pizza Place one. On the top it had 'PIZZA LAND' printed and then a couple paragraphs. I read them all and looked up for just one second to see the boys playing a board game that I don't even think I even moved in here but oh well. I read through the rest I learned that they found me over the Starbucks registration. I didn't know they could do that. I looked at the Starbucks one. It was written by the manager. ''Hello Kim, we have heard about you from a Starbucks in London and we would love to have you come work with us. Come to this location at about 3pm to sort some things out! Thank you. Have a nice morning! -Ronald'' I clapped my hands and did a little dance. I just ignored the Pizza Land one, it didn't sound to interesting. ''Why so Happy?'' Luke asked I looked at him ''I got a job!'' they all gave me a congrats u smiled and looked at the time. It was 1:39pm, I have some time. ''Guys I'll join you at Zero Gravity today but only after I meet up with my boss.'' they all gave a chorus of 'yays' smiled and logged on twitter. I checked a few things. I saw I got a good 200more followers. Heh that's expected. I tweeted something ''@KimmyAlton: (Sorry if I changed it from last time!) I got a job I'm so happy! Starbucks is amazing maybe if any of you guys come I can meet up with you?!'' I laughed at how weird I was being I'm just so happy! ''Sorry guys, so I have to go get ready, make me breakfast'' I just got up and started to walked over to the stairs. ''Woah lady you have hands, and feet make some yourself!'' I heard Calum say in a bitchy way. Turned around ''Boi I'm going to zero gravity isn't that enough?'' right as Calum was about to say something Ashton cut him off ''Of course we'll make breakfast for you!'' Ashton said giving me a little smile. I smiled back and continued up the stairs.**************-------------------What do ya think? How will breakfast go? Idk. Hope your liking it!! Love you xxxx -ME;3
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