It all started with a click

I walked through the Valley (lol get it the valley?!) and once I got to my spot I saw a blonde haired man with a dark black suit on, I stopped where I was. It sorta looked cool a guy just standing there in the middle of a valley. I looked closer with the camera up to my eye, the man started to raise his hands up but then quickly moved them back down and laid his head in his hands. I couldn't help it I took a picture. Right when the click sounded he turned around, I didn't even want to know what was wrong with him but he was crying so let's face it just because he left me doesn't mean I have to be rude, I gave him a sly smile. His face was full of shock and sadness.


1. #1 (about me)

hi I'm Kimberly Alton. I'll tell you about me! I nave brown hair and green eyes, people say when the look in my eyes they see a green pasture I don't know why tho. I'm tan but not to tan. I'm not skinny but I'm not big either I'm right in the middle. Im also an only child and my dad died of a heart attach. In someways that's good thing though he would abuse me and my mom but my best friend Niall would always help me out with that. well I'll teal you about my back story then well at least the part about Niall.-------------- *flashback*-----------I woke up to the sound of birds chirping. 'Looks like there having a good morning' I thought 'unlike me I feel like it's gonna be a horrible day'. I got up and took a shower. I through my hair up into a messy bun and didn't put any make up on. I put on some sweat pants and a tank top. 'I'm gonna have a lazy day with Niall today'. I walk down stairs and go to the kitchen. My mom has already left for work I know that because she always leaves a note and tells me what there is for breakfast. Today it looks like pancakes. I open the microwave and see a stack of pancakes on a plate take them out and feel them. Not to hot but not to cold I grabbed the syrup out of the fridge and spread it all over my pancakes. I started to set when I heard a knock on my door I walked over and looked through the peep hole. Only the mailman I opened the door and grabbed the mail and greeted him, then he walked away. As I was about to close the door I saw a note taped on the door. I grabbed it and shut the door. I then started to read. ---Dear Kimmy, I know your gonna hate me but I just had to for my family. I left at 5 this morning to go to London, now I know it sounds insane but I have a good reason. I'm auditioning for the x-factor. And if I make it I will get money for my family. And we really need this Kim so please just Im sorry I left on such short notice. I found out right when I got home last night. And later on that night I decided to take so yeah. I'm sorry I didn't give you a proper goodbye. Love you, Niall xx--- No no not his can not be happening! I felt tears roll of mu cheeks and onto the paper that I was gripping so tightly. He cant just leave me! I'm having a hard time in school and he's the only one that actually gives a crap about me. He helps me with my bullies I have no other fiends! Ugh why did he have to do this now!!!--- I was crying harder now I ran up stairs and took out my phone, and dialed Niall's number. I tried like thirty times and no answer. Ugh I just sat back and continued to cry in my pillow. Why Niall? Why?------- *end of flashback*--------- I never saw him again and now I'm nearly 20 he left 2 years ago. I have forgotten about him and I never want to anymore I just hate him. Yet I see pictures every where ever I go. But I've moved on from him. I mow have a new best friend we met 2 weeks after Niall left witch was the start of our third tri as a senior. Now me and Mia live in London and go to school at London university. She's learning to move a teacher and I'm learning to be a photographer. And to be honest I love it so much. But these days I feel like my life is gonna change completely,soon.----------------------------------- 3 likes and 3 comments for next chapter... Thanks for reading though -Me:) I'm sorry its all in one paragraph I'm trying to fix it cause im updating in a iPad so it does this so yeah but I'll get chances to update on a computer!
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