Jelousy from The Moon and Back

This isn't any other story about the supernatural, this is also not a story about having a supernatural girl find love with some human boy. Not at all. This story goes deeper than that, and is definitely more realistic than that.

This story is about 1 girl, 1 pack, and 1 mission. That mission not only taking her out of her home land, but also taking her out in a different culture, or should I say cultures as she is forced to move with her pack town to town, city to city, country to country, state to state, and provinces to territories.

She has a small pack and a large plan. And that plan can only become successful if she completes the tasks along the way.

What are these tasks you ask? In the first place, what is that mission? Stop asking and find out your self by brushing by the first chapter, The First Day on the Job



1. First Day On the Job

Chapter coming soon after 1 request

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