Summer Love

It's never quite worked out for me, my whole life. Until I met Harry. We became the best of friends, constantly together, until one day I realized I wanted more. Lucky for me, so did he :), but now that he's famous, and is off with the boys, things have started getting harder, and I've been in more pain than I care to admit.


1. Prologue

             "I'm sorry." she says, looking into his eyes. Damn his  beautiful green eyes. Looking at them just made it harder to do this. She looked down. "no" he said. "what? What do you mean, no. We're over." "I'm not losing you. Not again" he responded. She looked back up at his face. She could see the pain, and all her memories of her time with him came flooding back. Holding hands on the beach, singing together, laughing and dancing like it was just the two of them in the world with no one else to see them. They were in love. Or at least had been. After the that weekend, she had refused to see him. He had hurt her bad, and now he wanted her to stay a second time? Unbelievable . "I love you. You're my jewel. I can't be without you. I need you here. With me." he leaned in towards her. She knew that she couldn't resist kissing him. She lightly pushed past him and started to walk off, tears streaming down her face. "Dani, wait." he called after her. "no! Stay away from me!" she called back and started to walk faster, then started to run, still crying. He sat on the ground astonished at what just happened. Under his breath he whispered, barely loud enough for the grass to hear him, "oh my god. What have I done?" 


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