Summer Love

It's never quite worked out for me, my whole life. Until I met Harry. We became the best of friends, constantly together, until one day I realized I wanted more. Lucky for me, so did he :), but now that he's famous, and is off with the boys, things have started getting harder, and I've been in more pain than I care to admit.


2. Past

"2 years earlier" 

        "Wait for me!" I yelled after him laughing. This had been the best year of my life. Ever since I had met Harry  last year at Starbucks, I had been living the dream. Strange how you can meet the love of your life at a coffee shop. Anyways, we were running on the beach, racing to the volleyball nets. He looked back and started laughing. "God Dani, why are you so slow?" he asked as he started slowing down. As soon as I caught up to him I put my hands on the back of his shoulders and jumped on his back. " we'll maybe you're just to fast." I said into his ear, smiling. He laughed and started running again with me still on his back. After about only 17 paces he collapsed in the sand laughing. I rolled on top of him. "what are you laughing at?" I asked staring into his beautiful green eyes. "nothing." he said. "it's just, no one has ever made me feel this way before." I stared at him. "I feel the same way." I replied, surprising myself. "Danielle," he said looking straight into my eyes, "I love you" I was shocked. No boy had ever told me they loved me and meant it, and I could tell Harry meant it. It was in his voice and his smile. "I love you too Harry." he smiled and kissed me on the lips. " he looked up at me with a cheeky grin on his face that made me laugh. "what's so funny?" He asked. I responded with a kiss, as he rolled over so he was on top. "Dani," he looked deep into my eyes. "Yes Harry?" I asked questionlly. "Dani I have to ask you something" "Go ahead" I said. "Dani, will you be my girlfriend?" i was surprised, excited and worried at the same time, but I couldn't stop my self from screaming "YES!!!! Of course Harry!!" I bent my head up and kissed him, more passionately this time, and I could feel him smiling through it. I was so happy.

         I was 15 at that time and had never been in love. I was scared, but as Harry held me in his arms that night, I knew he would keep me safe. I turned around so that I was facing him. He looked so adorable sleeping. I noticed a slight smile on his lips and as I leaned and lightly kissed them, the smile grew. I couldn't tell if he was talking in his sleep or if I had woken up but he whispered into my hair, "I love you so much Dani." "I love you too Harry" I whispered back, meaning every word and started wondering what would happen next between us as I drifted off into a blissful sleep.


        "Heh babe," I woke up to the sound of Harry's voice. Man, it was so sexy, especially in the morning. "Hey Curly. How'd you sleep?" I turned my body to see him frowning. "what's wrong?" I asked. "I was hoping you would never call me that." i laughed. "alright babe. I won't anymore." I leaned in and kissed him lightly on the lips. "good, because I don't want you calling me that in front of all my friends tonight when we go clubbing." "wait, are you serious!!" I cried, "were going clubbing?!?!" I had never been, but ever since i turned 15 I had wanted to. Harry laughed. "well fine if you don't wanna go that much-" " hey I never said i didn't want to go silly!" he laughed again. I love when he laughs. It's like bells ringing, and It makes my heart melt. "well, then i guess we better get ready, because it's already 2:00 pm." "what!!" I practically yelled as I fell out of bed. I sat on the  and looked at my alarm clock. "wow. It's really late. Why happened last night? Did we get to sleep late last night?" Harry just looked t me with a smug grim on his face. He gave me a suductive wink, and I just laughed. "haha. Oohhhh. I see." I got up and realized I was wearing one of his t-shirts and my underwear. "let me change and then do you want to go get something to eat?" I asked. "sounds good" he answered. I went to my drawer and picked out a light green Thick strapped tank top that had pink and blue flowers on it with frills and a pair of short white jean shorts. I walked into the bathroom and took a shower before getting dressed. I did my hair and put some makeup on, but not to much. Just enough so it still looked natural. I walked out of the bathroom to find Harry waiting for me, looking extra good in A plaid collared shirt and a pair of faded red skinny jeans.   I walked over to him and gave him a hug. "ready to go beautiful?" he asked. I just nodded, not wanting to leave his arms, and I think he noticed because he walked us over To the couch and started To kiss my forehead, then he started to go lower. Next my nose, then my lips, then my chin, and when he got to my neck, he started kissing that. I laughed. "Harry, shouldn't we go eat?" I asked. "food can wait." he replied. I just laughed and brought his face up to mine and kissed him harder, never wanting this moment to end.

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