Escape (Louis Tomlinson)

Abby is bullied by her father, who turned alcoholic after her mother's death. One night, she has enough and escapes. Something unexpected happens, she meets her cousin Harry who helps her out.

The lads start to warm up to her, and she'll experience something she never experience before. Love.


1. Chapter One


           Abby's P.O.V: 







That's my daily routine for a three years now. It's getting kind of ridiculous, after all. My so called father - Joseph as I would like to call him. Joseph blames me for the death of my mother, but the truth is that he actually shot her five times. Ironic, huh? He started abusing me after my mother's funeral and I was fifteen by the time. 

I was laying on the floor, eyeing Joseph with hatred and fear. He was obviously drunk, after ten cans of beer that I had brought him. He pushed me up, and pinned me to the wall. He played with the hem of my shirt, and I knew exactly what point he was showing which disgusted me. I had enough of this shit. I kicked him where the sun doesn't shine, as he groaned in pain and clutched his area. I grabbed a bottle of beer and smashed in on his head. He was unconscious by now. 

I ran to my small room, and packed the few things I had. I slipped some sweats, skinny jeans and boots fast enough to jump out of the window and run like my life depended on it. Well, it did. I ran for a couple of hours, finding it pointless since I didn't know where to go. I stopped at Starbucks, panting. I pushed the door open, and only found a couple of persons seated on tables chatting quietly. I ordered a hot chocolate and a muffin, since I only had a couple of bucks in my pocket. I walked towards an empty table, and bumped into a hard chest. I looked up to only see a pair of familiar green eyes. I studied the person's face, and I couldn't been any happier to see it right now. 

Harry Styles, my famous cousin. We had a strong bond until I moved from Cheshire to London. 

"Abby?" He asked, a surprised expression evident on his face. I nodded, and jumped in his arms. He tightened his grip on my waist, and twirled me around earning some giggles. I couldn't care we were in a middle of a store, I was just happy to see him. We sat on a table near the window. 

"So how are you? Why are you out this late?" He queried, sipping from his coffee. I took a long sip of my hot chocolate and a big bite of my muffin, and stared at him anxiously. Should I tell him? Yes, he's my cousin. He'll understand and probably help me out. 

"Um, my father abused me for three years, and tonight he took it far, so here I am..." I sniffed, and wiped out some tears strolling down my cheeks. He looked at me concernedly, and kneed next to me. He gave me a tissue, and kissed my cheek. He really knew how to comfort me. 

"You're coming with me," 

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