A Frantastic Life

Lillian Montgomery was 14 when she made her first YouTube video. After a few years of weekly blogs , the viewers start to rise. One day she gets a call from the head of the VidCon planning committee. They want her to appear at the next convention, where she would be on a panel with her favorite YouTubers. Including the one and only Connor Franta. Lillian has been in love with Connor ever since she watched his videos. What will happen when she meets the man who inspired her to start her YouTube career? You'll have to find out


13. Trigger warning

"Here goes nothing." I said, taking a deep breath.

"You'll do great Lil." Audrie said.

"Yeah," Macy cheered. "Kick some ass."

"Good luck babe." Connor kissed my cheek.

I put on a smile and stepped onto the stage.

"Hello wonderful people!" I giggled. "As you know, my name is Lillian and it's so nice to meet all of you!" The crowd cheered. "First question?"

"I have a question!" A girl in the front row stood up and scowled at me.

"Alright." I hesitated. "What is it?"

"What the fuck does Connor see in you?"

"I'm sorry?"

"You heard me bitch." She snarled. "Who the fuck do you think you are?"

"Do I need to call security?" I snapped.

"Try it. You're nothing but a filthy slut. You're not even funny. How the hell did you get so many subscribers?"

"Listen," I said. "You don't like me, you can leave. There's the door." I pointed to the back of the room.

"Connor deserves better than a whore like you."

"You mean a bitch such as yourself?" I don't know where that came from.

"You're nothing but a filthy slut who uses her looks to gain fans." She sneered. "Go kill yourself." The microphone dropped from my hand and tears welled in my eyes. My fan base didn't know about my past.

Two security guards burst in and took the girl away and Connor joined me on stage, taking me into his arms.

"Come on. Let's get out of here." He whispered, leading me off stage. Macy and Audrie gave me worried looks and rushed over as I broke down. I hit floor in a fit of sobs.

"Do you want to leave?" Connor asked. "We can go back to the hotel."

"No." I wiped my tears away. "I'm not gonna let this ruin my time here."

"Well, they're closing your Q&A." Audrie said. "Why don't we go grab lunch?" I nodded as Connor helped me off the floor.

"Let's go somewhere we won't be bothered." Connor suggested. There was a back room where the panelists could eat where guests weren't allowed. Unless, of course, they were with panelists.

We grabbed a table over in the corner and Connor when to get food.

"Oh my god Lil," Troye said, sitting next to me. "Are you alright?"

"I'm fine Troye." I forced a small smile. The reality was that I felt like my heart was ripped out.

"That was way uncalled for." He said. "But don't worry. They've removed her from the convention and took away her pass. Also, she may or may not be banned for life." I couldn't help but giggle a bit.

"Nothing but a jealous bitch." I spat, wiping my eyes. "Dammit! Now I've screwed up my makeup."

"Well don't worry girl," Tyler said, joining Troye at our table. "We've got your back. We all do."

"Stop." I smiled. "You're gonna make me cry again." I grabbed a napkin and wiped my face and hopefully some of the mess I made of my makeup. My phone buzzed in my purse. Drawing it out I found at least thirty texts from my friends, both YouTubers and not, checking on me. Joey, Sawyer, Grace, Zoe, Alfie and all of O2L had sent me something. Some just seeing if I was alright, others trying to cheer me up.

"I have the best friends." I said, putting my phone away.

"You better believe it girl." Tyler said. "We're gonna go. Later." He and Troye hugged me, took each other's hands and walked away.

"They're so cute!" Audrie squealed.

"I'm so happy for them!"

"It took them long enough." I said. Connor sat down next to me and handed me a slice of pizza.

"What took who long enough?" He asked.

"Troyler!" Macy Audrie and I chorused.

"Oh." He slung an arm over my shoulder and pulled me close to him. "How are you doing?" He kissed my temple.

"I'll be fine." I said. "Just a bratty girl jealous of our relationship."

"You sure you'll be alright?"

"I'm sure." I kissed his cheek. "I love you."

"I love you too."

"Get a room." Macy groaned.

"You mean like you and JC?" I retorted.

"That's cold."

"Alright." Audrie said. "That's enough. Break it up."

"None of this will ever make up for what I witnessed this morning." I said.

"Will you ever stop?" Macy asked.

"Maybe." I drawled. "Unless it keeps being fun of course."

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