A Frantastic Life

Lillian Montgomery was 14 when she made her first YouTube video. After a few years of weekly blogs , the viewers start to rise. One day she gets a call from the head of the VidCon planning committee. They want her to appear at the next convention, where she would be on a panel with her favorite YouTubers. Including the one and only Connor Franta. Lillian has been in love with Connor ever since she watched his videos. What will happen when she meets the man who inspired her to start her YouTube career? You'll have to find out


6. The last person I want to see

I woke up as I felt the plane landing. 

"Morning sunshine." Connor said, kissing my head. 

"How long was I asleep?" I asked. 

"About five hours." 

"That wasn't very long." I sat up, popped my back and resisted my head on Connor's shoulder again. 

"We've still got a little while until they let us off. Why don't you sleep some more." 

"Because if I fall asleep again, I won't wake up until the next flight takes off." I joked. 

"Alright. Be that way." He stuck out his tongue at me and I did it right back. 

It was another half hour before they let us of the plane. Stupid safety rules. As expected, we were bombarded by fans. As we were waiting for our bags, someone tapped me in the shoulder. 

"Hey, what can I sign for..." I began, turning around. The question died in my mouth when I saw who it was. "Danny?" 

"Hey Lills." He said. "Long time no see."

"That's because I never wanted to see you after what you did to me." I spat. 

"What's going on?" Connor asked. "Who is this?"

"No one. Don't worry about it." I turned away and started looking for our bags. 

"I'm no one?" Danny questioned. "So those three years mean nothing to you?" 

"Those three years meant crap when I found you you were sleeping with other girls."  

"Babe, I..."

"Don't call me babe." 

"I know I messed up. I'm sorry for what I did to you." 

"I don't care. I don't want to here what you have to say. Do you know how bad it hurt when I found out? You got three different girls pregnant!" 

"Give me a chance!"

"Dude!" Connor shouted. "That's enough. Leave her alone."

"And who the hell are you?" Danny asked. 

"Her boyfriend. And if you don't back off, I'll be your executioner." 

"This is between me and Lillian. Stay out of it pretty boy." I saw Connor tighten his hands into fists. I put a hand on his shoulder. 

"Get out of here." I said. "I never want to see your face again." 

"Fine. Who needs you. You're just a stupid slut."

I took my hand from Connor's shoulder and he hit him so hard he was knocked on his back. 

"You don't insult my girlfriend."

"She was mine first."

"Get out of here. If I see your face again, you'll get a lot worse than that." He got to his feet and walked away. 

"Babe, you shouldn't have done that." I scolded. 

"Why not?" He was fuming. "He called you a slut."

"I know he did but that could get us in serious trouble with security."

"I'm sorry. You're right. I didn't like how he was talking to you."

"I broke up with him over a year ago." 

"What happened?"

"We were at dinner and three girls came up to our table, threw down positive pregnancy tests and all slapped him once. When they told me what he did, I took a hit."

"Was it as bad as what I did?"

"Worse. He couldn't see out of his right eye for a month." I laughed in spite of myself. "Can you promise me something?"

"Of course Babe."

"Just, promise me you'll never do anything like that to me. I don't think I can handle that again." 

"I would never. I swear. I love you and only you. I want to be with you for a long time." 

"I'm happy to hear that." He pulled me into a hug and I rested my head in his chest. 

"I love you." I said. 

"I love you too." He kissed my hair. 

"Now where the hell are our bags?" I lifted my head from his chest and looked over at the baggage claim. Connor laughed and I caught his lips in a kiss. 

He broke the kiss and rested his head on mine. 

"Don't worry. I'll never hurt you like he did." Connor promised. 

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