A Frantastic Life

Lillian Montgomery was 14 when she made her first YouTube video. After a few years of weekly blogs , the viewers start to rise. One day she gets a call from the head of the VidCon planning committee. They want her to appear at the next convention, where she would be on a panel with her favorite YouTubers. Including the one and only Connor Franta. Lillian has been in love with Connor ever since she watched his videos. What will happen when she meets the man who inspired her to start her YouTube career? You'll have to find out


11. JaceMace

The next day at the convention went off without a hitch. The panel went great and I met some really cool people.

I don't exactly know how they put together these panels, but we all got along pretty well.

"You were great out there." Ray complemented. "First time here?"

"Yep. And loving every second."

"You should. It's fun. See ya around Blondie." He waved and left in the other direction.

"Hey Lils." Macy said, coming up behind me, causing me to jump. She had JC's arm around her waist.

"Hey you two." I greeted. "Where's Audrie?"

"At Jack and Finn's Q&A." JC said.

"Shouldn't you be somewhere?" I raised an eyebrow.

"No. The o2l panel doesn't start for another twenty minutes."

"Speaking of which, where is that?"

"Room B5." Macy said.

"Then we should go. I don't have anything for another few hours and I want to be there for Connor."

When we got to the hall, it was already overflowing with people. We found our way behind the stage and met up with the other guys.

"Hey baby." Connor said, wrapping his arms around me. "How'd the panel go?"


"That's my girl." He kissed my cheek.

"Now, welcome to the stage, Our Second Life!"

"Gotta go." He kissed me and left with his friends.

"What if they start asking JC about having a girlfriend?" Macy asked. "What is he gonna say?"

"Don't worry about it." I said.

"What if he doesn't like me enough to say were going out?"

"You met yesterday and you're already going out?" Her cheeks reddened. "Oh my gosh that's so cute!"

"Shh, their starting."

"Hey everybody!" Kian yelled.

"How we doing today?" Sam asked.

"As you know were O2L!" JC said.

"Let's have some fun!" Trevor said.

"Questions?" Ricky asked. I heard the squealing of hundreds of pre-pubescent teenage girls.

"How about you?"

"If you could do anything different with your channel when you started," she said. "What would it be?" There was a collective murmur between the guys.

"We would say nothing." Connor said. "If we didn't start like that we wouldn't be where we are now."

I the rest of the questions were basically the same. About the channel and everything. I knew all the answers so I wasn't really paying attention.

"Next question?" JC asked. "You."

"This is for you JC." She said. "So, Everyone else in O2L is in a relationship. What about you?"

"Oh my god." Macy squealed. "I knew they would ask it."

"Well, yesterday Lillian, Connor's girlfriend, introduced me to her friend Macy. I hope I don't scare her away by saying this, but I hope I can be with her for a while." There was a collective awe from the audience and Macy sat there speechless.

"I told you not to worry." I said. She smiled and started blushing.

"Well, that's all for us." Trevor said. "Se ya!" They came back stage and Macy didn't hesitate to jump JC.

"I'm guessing I didn't scare you away?" He asked.

"Nope." Connor wrapped his arms around me from behind.

"You two mind getting a room?" I asked.

"Like you and Connor are so private about your relationship." Macy said. I stuck my tongue out at her and she replied the same.

"Alright," Connor said. "That's enough."

"Yeah," I said. "Let's give JaceMace some privacy."

"Did you just give us a couple name?" JC asked.

"I did. Deal with it."

"Not fair." Macy said. "I can't think of one for you guys."

"Conian." Kian said.

"That's it! That's your couple name!" I rolled my eyes and leaned into Connor.

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