A Frantastic Life

Lillian Montgomery was 14 when she made her first YouTube video. After a few years of weekly blogs , the viewers start to rise. One day she gets a call from the head of the VidCon planning committee. They want her to appear at the next convention, where she would be on a panel with her favorite YouTubers. Including the one and only Connor Franta. Lillian has been in love with Connor ever since she watched his videos. What will happen when she meets the man who inspired her to start her YouTube career? You'll have to find out


16. beautiful night with my beautiful girl

I walked with Lillian to a café a few blocks away from our hotel. A cute little place with outdoor seating.

"It's beautiful here." She said.

"A beautiful place with a beautiful girl." I kissed her cheek as the waiter led us to our table.

"You didn't have to do this." She said.

"I wanted to." I took her hand from across the table. "I hate seeing you so upset."


"I know you said you were fine but I can see it in your eyes. She really hurt you." I could see the corners of her eyes fill with tears. "Don't cry. I hate seeing you cry." I wiped a tear from her cheek. "I love you."

"I love you too."

"Now smile." She let out a little giggle and sniffled, wiping tears away.

"I'm sorry." She whispered, looking down at my hand on hers.

"No need to be sorry Babe." I kissed her hand. "I got you something." I pulled the necklace box out of my pocket, placing it on the table in front of her. "I was going to wait until your birthday. But I thought it'd cheer you up." She opened the box and gasped.

"It's beautiful." She pulled it from the box. A silver heart with blue and white gems. The word love was intricately placed on one half of the heart.

"Come here, let me put it on for you." I clipped it on around her neck. She looked at me and smiled, her blue eyes shining.

"You're too good to me." She wrapped her arms around my neck. I pulled her as close to me as I possibly could. Amazed that I had this wonderful, beautiful woman in my arms.

"Only because I don't think I deserve you." She kissed me softly.

After dinner, Lillian and I walked around the city. Stopping every so often to check out a shop or something.

"You ready to head back?" I asked.

"Yeah." She nodded. "Meet and greets all day tomorrow."

"Exhausting being famous isn't it." I joked. She giggled and leaned into me. I kissed her head.

"You suck."

"Not for free."

"That's going on twitter." She pulled her phone from her purse.

"No." She broke from my arms as I tried to grab her phone.

"Try to catch me." She held the phone up and ran. Amazingly she did it in heels. I ran after her. "And send." I grabbed her around the waist as she laughed. "What are you gonna do about it?"

"Payback will come eventually." I promised, turning her around in my arms. "When you least expect it."

"Good luck with..." I cut her off with a kiss.

"I should embarrass you more often." She laughed, resting her head against mine.

"Not a chance." I said, kissing her again.

"We should head back." She said. "It's getting late." I nodded and let her go. Taking her hand. For the first time since the incident, she really looked happy.

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