A Frantastic Life

Lillian Montgomery was 14 when she made her first YouTube video. After a few years of weekly blogs , the viewers start to rise. One day she gets a call from the head of the VidCon planning committee. They want her to appear at the next convention, where she would be on a panel with her favorite YouTubers. Including the one and only Connor Franta. Lillian has been in love with Connor ever since she watched his videos. What will happen when she meets the man who inspired her to start her YouTube career? You'll have to find out


18. Authors Note

Just a question. Do you guys want me to continue this story. I know all of you like it and I do kind of want to keep going. But at the same time it now feels weird continuing when Connor just came out. So if you want me to, and it's not too weird, I'll continue.

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