Publicity Stunt

Juliette Richardson Is A Well Known Actress And Her Manager Is Friends With The One And Only Simon Cowell. When Lisa (Juliette's Manager) And Simon Cook Up A Scheme Liam & Juliette Are Told They Have To Fake Date And Make It Believable. Juliette And Liam Start As Friends Pretending To Fake Date For More Publicity But Soon Enough Love Is In The Air For Real. When Simon & Lisa Says "Okay Fake Break Up" Will Liam & Juliette Tell Them The Truth Or Will They Move on?


4. The Mall (Part 1. )

Juliette' s POV

Once again I was meeting Liam not alone though this time with a friend. On the way to the mall I thought about Liam. His chocolate brown eyes , his perfect hair , and oh that smile. That is totally contagious. I just love -

"JULIETTE WATCH OUT!" Lavender yelled. I snapped out of my trance. I quickly hit the brakes and let the huge truck pass. OMG...

Lavender' s POV

Juliette nearly killed herself and I. Again I saw Juliette zoning out.I know I'm gonna die during this ride. -.-

*At The Mall*

"Hey Juliette" Liam said approaching us. We had agreed to meet at the food court. Juliette had tomato sauce on her face and quickly wiped it. 

"Oh hi.." She said not looking at him. Pay back for almost killing me.


Sorry this chapter is soooo short! It's been a long time since I updated so I made this as soon as possible (ASAP) . ~Amaya

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