Publicity Stunt

Juliette Richardson Is A Well Known Actress And Her Manager Is Friends With The One And Only Simon Cowell. When Lisa (Juliette's Manager) And Simon Cook Up A Scheme Liam & Juliette Are Told They Have To Fake Date And Make It Believable. Juliette And Liam Start As Friends Pretending To Fake Date For More Publicity But Soon Enough Love Is In The Air For Real. When Simon & Lisa Says "Okay Fake Break Up" Will Liam & Juliette Tell Them The Truth Or Will They Move on?


2. Prologue (Sorta )

Juliette's POV

'Same bed but it feels just a little bit bigger now.'

My phone rung under my pillow with the first lyrics to 'When I Was Your Man' by Bruno Mars. I groaned and answered.

( J: Juliette L:Lisa (Her Manager) )


L: No duh I know that. And lower your tone.

J: Sorry... 

L: Whatever just meet me at the office. ASAP!

J: What -

She had already hung up.I rolled around in the bed till I noticed I fell on the floor. After 10 seconds I got up and went to my bathroom. I brushed my teeth and threw my long brown hair in a ponytail. I grabbed a white tee and some jeans and put that on. Why look pretty for a meeting and 6:00am?

I took my phone off the charger and headed out to my car. 


"So you want me to fake date a boy I know nothing about? That's stupid." 

"Juliette just listen for once!" Lisa yelled at me. I nodded.

"The only rule is not to fall in love with him and make it believable."

"That's two rules.."



"Dismiss" She said clearing her desk that contained lots of paper on it. I left the empty building and walked to my car. My phone suddenly beeped signaling a text from Lisa.

'From: My Manager

' Meet Liam at Starbucks tomorrow at 8am, he already knows your name. No need to explain the fake dating thing.'

I replied a simple "okay" with a smiley face and continued my journey to my car.I'm not so sure about this fake dating thing...


Um sorry for the bad chapter.The next will be better ~Amaya

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