Publicity Stunt

Juliette Richardson Is A Well Known Actress And Her Manager Is Friends With The One And Only Simon Cowell. When Lisa (Juliette's Manager) And Simon Cook Up A Scheme Liam & Juliette Are Told They Have To Fake Date And Make It Believable. Juliette And Liam Start As Friends Pretending To Fake Date For More Publicity But Soon Enough Love Is In The Air For Real. When Simon & Lisa Says "Okay Fake Break Up" Will Liam & Juliette Tell Them The Truth Or Will They Move on?


3. Meeting Liam

Juliette's POV

I dressed myself in the best outfit I had in my closet. I'm a really big Rolling Stones fan so I have everything piece of Rolling Stones merchandise. In this outfit this was only a few of the things I had having to do with Rolling Stones. 

( Juliette's Outfit : ) 

I quickly braided my hair noticing I was almost late. I am the queen of lateness. I'm also not sure if that is a word but whatever. Starbucks was only a block away from my home so I didn't need the car.I ran out the house seeing that it was already 7: 55. 


Finally , arriving I saw a boy with a sitting alone. I suspect that might be Liam.

Liam's POV

I saw alone at the table waiting for the girl I'm suppose to be fake dating. I checked my watch and saw it was already 8:15. I looked up to see a girl with brown hair wearing a lot of Rolling Stones merchandise making her way over to me , when she suddenly tripped.

I jumped up and ran by her side helping her up. She smiled at me whiling I brushed some hair out her face. Once she was up and on her two feet she put her hand out.  I gladly shook her hand.



"I guess we are the two fake dating." She laughed nervously. 

"Yeah.." I nodded leading her to the table.

"Well if we are going to fake date and make it realistic  I need to know about you. " She smiled at me. 

"My name is Liam James Payne. I'm 20 years old I have two sisters , Nicole and Ruth. Two dogs ,Brit and Loki.  I am from Wolverhampton , England.I auditioned for the X-Factor twice. I was put into One Direction. Oh and my birthday is August 29th which just recently came up.Anything else?" 

"Nope oh and here take my sweater. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" She yelled.

"Great extra-small." I laughed holding it up. She nodded in fits of laughter. She seems pretty awesome. But I just want us to be friends. Not to close as friends because management wouldn't really like that. She cant be my best friend again management wouldn't like it.

" Can I have your number?" She asked still laughing a bit. I nodded and we swapped phones entering our numbers.

"Okay I really gotta go." She said getting up.

"Take your sweater."

"keep it. Seriously."




"NOO MY BABY!" She said grabbing her sweater and leaving. I just turned back to the table laughing. 


Sorry it's short. Thank you for the likes , favs, and comments. ~Amaya


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