Behind the Scenes

Belle Andrews is a movie star. She attends award ceremonies, dresses up for the red carpet, and best of all: stars as the leading lady in the new film, "The Haunted Hour." But what happens when Belle is forced into a media deal she never planned? To make matters worse, she is relocated to the small farm town of River Heights to film her new movie. But in River Heights, will Belle discover the real Belle Andrews?


8. Scene 7

I was sitting in a coffee shop. It was roughly three hours after the car had been fixed. It hadn't taken long. The time was somewhere near four a.m., and I was running only on a mixture of caffeine and adrenaline. But best of all, it was Finn who was sat across from me, holding his cup of coffee. And we were talking about everything and anything. It was perfect.

"Most embarrassing moment, go!" Finn asked, leaning forward towards me in his seat. He put on his best interrogating face, and I giggled at the attempt. "No, seriously go!"

I pondered the question for a moment, wrapping my hands tighter around my coffee and letting the warmth sink into my palms.

"Ooh! I got it!" I finally exclaimed. My volume startled Finn, causing him to spill his coffee on his pants. "Sorry," I smiled, covering my mouth with one hand to hide my laughter.

His response was a simple glance upwards at me, signaling he was annoyed. "I'm going to go and get cleaned up." He set his cup down and walked to the back of the cafe, where I assumed the bathrooms were.

While he was gone, I took advantage of the situation to get up and explore the coffee shop. It was small, maybe four or five tables, so there wasn't much to really find, but still, the movement of my legs was good enough for me. There was a counter right across from the entrance, and behind the counter sat a young girl with a phone near her face. I was happy to take advantage of the 24-hour cafe, because if I hadn't, I'd probably end up awake for hours, laying in bed in the hotel room. It had been Finn who'd suggested we go here, because we'd enjoyed each other's company for the time it'd taken to fix the car. I was still wide awake at midnight, when he finally handed me back my keys, and he was bored. He told me about a coffee shop down the street, and without a second thought, I'd agreed. Then we'd set off in his truck, leaving the rental at the workshop.

I traced the designs on the dividers between two tables. You shouldn't be here, I reminded myself. You were supposed to distance yourself from him, idiot, not drive to get coffee and talk for four hours.

I slumped back into the chair where we'd been sitting together. I watched Finn emerge from the bathrooms, looking normal, and only a minor stain where the coffee had spilled.

And you certainly weren't supposed to fall in love with him, either, my mind nagged.

I bit my lip. That word. Love.

That was not what I had with him. It couldn't be, it wouldn't be. I stopped for a moment. But could I? Could I manage a secret relationship? No, of course not. It'd ruin my career, it would ruin the movie, everything..

"Belle?" Finn asked, taking the seat next to me this time. I slid away from him a bit. "What's wrong, you look almost, worried?"

I faked a smile. "Do I? Sorry, I just suppose I'm a bit tired." His eyes pierced mine, forcing me to be with him, forcing me to love him. I looked away.

He opened his mouth to argue, but then stopped, and looked down. "If you say so," he mumbled.  I fidgeted in my seat.

"Finn, I think we need to talk--" I started, spinning to face him. I needed to end this now. Everything I'd built for myself, and everything Tom had done, was on the edge. I couldn't continue anything with Finn. No matter how much I wanted to.

"No," He interuppted, "let me go first."

I crossed my arms over my chest. I quite frankly didn't want to hear what he was going to say. It made no difference. I was done, and that was that.

He bit his lower lip and closed the small distance between us. "Look, Belle, I feel something for you. I don't know how to explain it, and maybe it's ridiculous, but I don't care, because, I mean, I've never felt like this before." He chuckled slightly. "I sound so cheesy right now, I promise that's not what I'm trying to say--"

And before I could stop myself, my lips connected with his, forming a rhythm that was special only to us, and a secret no one would ever know. His arms snaked around my back and I leaned into the kiss, tangling my fingers in his hair. His lips felt soft on mine, and his firm hold on me was secure, I never wanted him to let me go.

When we pulled away, he was grinning widely.

"I do know what you mean," I smiled, resting my head on his chest.

"What did you want to say?" He asked, running his fingers through my hair, and playing with some of the strands.

"Hmm?" I asked, mesmerized. I was lost in a trance, and I didn't want anyone to bring me back out.

"What did you want to say before? When we were talking?" He repeated.

And then suddenly, I was jolted into reality. What had just come over me? Why did I kiss him? My body registered his hands touching my hair. But then, there he was, as sweet as ever, easy to talk to, and that kiss. That kiss was something magic, something that I just couldn't go back on now. No matter how much I needed to, I didn't want to.

"Nothing," I murmured, burying my face into his t-shirt, though it was spotted with grease and sweat. "I didn't want to say anything at all."

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