Behind the Scenes

Belle Andrews is a movie star. She attends award ceremonies, dresses up for the red carpet, and best of all: stars as the leading lady in the new film, "The Haunted Hour." But what happens when Belle is forced into a media deal she never planned? To make matters worse, she is relocated to the small farm town of River Heights to film her new movie. But in River Heights, will Belle discover the real Belle Andrews?


7. Scene 6

"The car's broken." Will muttered when he came back to the hotel room one Monday afternoon.

I'd been sitting on the couch, my legs hanging over the armrest, reading a magazine when he'd tossed the keys at me, landing on my stomach.

"What do you mean, broken?" I asked, closing my magazine and looking at him. He was wearing a t-shirt and jeans, his normally perfect hair tussled, and his face a bit sunburnt.

"It's broken." He replied flatly, moving to the fridge. "We need to get more good food." He commented, glancing at the stash of healthy options stored in the refrigerator.

"Will, what do you mean by broken?" I asked again, standing.

"I don't know," He replied, finally deciding on a banana. "I was driving to the set, and it just stopped working. It literally just stopped. Luckily I was in the parking lot, granted, I was in the process of finding a spot when it died, but I still got my scenes done, and I just had to catch a ride with Stewie."

I bit my lip. "So where's the car now?"

"Still in the parking lot."

"And this is the rental car, correct?"


"Will," I sighed, pacing back and forth in the living room. "We've got to get this fixed."

"I know." He answered, a smirk coming across his face.

"What?" I asked, crossing my arms over my chest. "What's so funny?"

"I thought you could take it in." He smiled, and pulled a card out of his pocket. A business card. Finn's card.

"Will, I can explain--" I started, moving to him.

"No, really, Belle. I want you to go." He handed me the card. "Maybe you can end this thing once and for all."

"What thing?" I asked, putting the card safely in my pocket. How he had gotten it in the first place still baffled me.

"This thing the media thinks you have with Finn. If you can go there, make a big scene about not being tied to him anymore, then we'll be home free to continue our 'relationship' and finish the movie. It's perfect." Then he disappeared into the bedroom without another word.

I bit my lip. Then, after a moment of thought, pulled out my phone and scrolled through my contacts.

"Finn," I mumbled when my phone highlighted his name. "Call number," I said pressing the button. Then I held the phone up to my ear and heard the droning tone play to me. I felt my palms getting sweaty. Why was I nervous?

"Hello, Finn McAdams, Repairshop. What can I do for you?"

His voice hit me like a brick wall. It was the way it was so business-like, and smooth, and for some reason I couldn't put a finger on, my heart stopped and my throat closed up.

"Hello?" He repeated.

"Hi--um, it's Belle Andrews." I began, starting to pace back and forth in the living room. "I have a problem."

"Hi, Belle. What's the problem?" He replied, and for some reason this question caught me off guard again, and I stumbled.

"Um, well, you see, this rental car I have," I fumbled over my words and mentally cursed myself. I must've sounded like an idiot. "It just kinda, stopped. I don't know what's wrong with it."

Finn paused. "I see," He said after a bit. "And where is the car now?"

"In the parking lot on set." I answered.

Another pause, then some muffled talking. "Yeah, we can come check it out." His voice said over the phone. "How soon can you meet us over at the parking lot?"

I looked at the clock. "How about ten minutes?"

"Sounds great." I could almost see his professional business-like smile through the phone. "See you then."

"Yep." I replied, a bit more relaxed. "Thanks. Bye."

I hit the stop button and tossed my phone on the couch. Then I got up and walked into the bedroom, where Will was laying on the bed.

"So, what're the plans?" He asked, not diverting his eyes from the TV.

"I'm heading over to the parking lot now." I replied, changing into a t-shirt and pulling my hair into a bun. My fingers hovered over my windbreaker. "Is it cold out?" I asked Will. He replied with a simple grumble and waved his hand at me. I took that as a yes and grabbed my jacket before returning into the living room to retrieve my phone. "I don't know when I'll be back home," I called, one foot in the hallway. Another muffled reply gave me clearance to go, and so I removed my foot and shut the door.

The walk to the set was really not half bad, it was roughly about seven minutes. Will and I usually drove though, because paparazzi was annoying, and we had to do enough personal training, so we let the car do the work for us. Now, however, with the inconvenience of the car being unusable, I had to walk, and with walking, I had to see fans. And with fans, meant more time taking pictures than actually walking to my destination. So, noticing the groups of people walking past me, I pulled my hood over my head, and zippered it up all the way. I kept my face down, and focused on my feet. Left, right, left, right, all the way to the parking lot.

I was only waiting for Finn for about three minutes before a silver pickup truck pulled into the gates. It parked diagonally, taking up two parking spots. I rested against the car, watching Finn and another man I didn't know get out of the car.

"Belle," Finn said, coming up to me and shaking my hand. "Nice to see you again."

"Same to you," I replied, trying to hide my smile. There was something about him that always made me so excited, and it bothered me that I couldn't control it.

"That's Jeff," He said, gesturing to the man observing the car. He walked all around it, tapping it and opening the doors. He got down onto his knees to slide underneath it too, checking the engine, I supposed? I'd never been good with cars. "He is a car genius. I do most of the actual fixing, while he is more of the brains. Figuring out what's wrong and everything." Finn explained, while Jeff continued his research.

I nodded and pulled my coat tighter around me. "So how long do you think it'll take?" I asked, slightly fearing the answer.

"Well, depends on how serious the issue. It could take as short as tonight to as long as Friday."

I bit my lip. It was Monday. "Let's hope that's not the case."

Finally, after what seemed like decades, Jeff returned to us and explained to Finn what was wrong. I didn't really understand much other than, "engine... needs to be replaced... battery... dead." But, when I was asked something, or a statement was directed at me, I'd smile and nod, and try to answer to the best of my ability.

"Alright. So, let's head over to the workshop, shall we?" Finn asked, directing us to the truck.

Jeff went around the back to hitch up the rental to the truck, I assumed, while Finn and I climbed into our seats.

"It's not too long of a ride," Finn assured me. He sat in the driver's seat, while I sat in the middle seat between the passenger and the driver. I was sat very close to Finn, and I could smell his cologne. I bit my lip, fighting the urge to do something I knew I'd regret later.

After another long period of time, Jeff really did just work on his own schedule, Jeff finally climbed into the passenger seat, and we drove off, with me wedged in between them.

The whole ride, I tried to lean closer to Finn, truth being he smelled nicer. Jeff was an awful mixture of BO and dirt, while Finn smelled like freshly washed clothes and man cologne. Although I tried to keep my distance, Finn was drawing me in in every way possible, even if he didn't mean to.

When we arrived at the workshop, Jeff hopped out first, to unhook the car, I suppose, while I waited for Finn to slide out. When it was my turn to exit, I dangled my feet outside of the car and looked at the drop. They really did have the car awfully high up.

"Here, take my hand," Finn offered, extending his hand to me.

I extended my own in return, then drew it back quickly, looking around for cameras. Once I saw that I was safe, I took his hand and slid out. When my feet hit the ground, Finn was still holding my hand, and an arm was snaked around my waist.

I fought the urge to look into his eyes, but the temptation was too much. I looked up at him again, just like I had in the grocery store. His eyes sparkled, that beautiful emerald green, and he flashed his smile, making me go woozy. I'd never been so struck before. And although it bothered me to no end, I couldn't help but like it.

"Let's check out this bad boy," Finn laughed and led me into the workshop. I watched the rental car be pushed onto a platform, then Finn pushed a button and it was raised into the air. "Show time." He smiled, and I smiled back, I knew exactly what he meant.

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