Behind the Scenes

Belle Andrews is a movie star. She attends award ceremonies, dresses up for the red carpet, and best of all: stars as the leading lady in the new film, "The Haunted Hour." But what happens when Belle is forced into a media deal she never planned? To make matters worse, she is relocated to the small farm town of River Heights to film her new movie. But in River Heights, will Belle discover the real Belle Andrews?


2. Scene 1

I tossed my clutch on my dressing room vanity and fell onto the couch. I focused hard to try and adjust my vision, the flashes from all the paparazzi often blinded me for a bit. But tonight they couldn't. Tonight was the Grammy's. Tonight I would present, and I would win.

"Eve!" I called, and got up from the couch.

I sat in the chair facing the vanity and examined my face. My hair was done up, in a puzzle of curls, some hanging some pinned up, and my side bangs were pinned back nicely. My blonde hair complemented my pale skin, and the shade of red that had been applied to my lips was the accent feature to my white dress. I glanced at my clutch. A pale pink in color. Then I smiled to myself. Yvonne truly was the best stylist in the business.

Whilst thinking about stylists, I remembered that I had called for Eve ages ago. "Eve!" I snapped and this time she came rushing in, fidgeting and all.

"I didn't hear you call, Miss Andrews." she replied quietly.

I scuffed at her and focused my attention back to the mirror. Ah, a much better sight. "Go get Tom. He was meaning to talk to me on the red carpet, but I was much too busy with the fans, and the photos..." I laid an arm over my forehead. "Grab me a wet washcloth too, would you? I need something to cool me down."

Eve nodded and hurried out the door. My phone buzzed next to me, but I didn't pick it up, instead just watching the numbers of messages increase. Fifty-four, sixty-five, seventy-two.

"Belle!" A voice boomed and I jumped. Tom Davidson, my manager and best friend, strolled into the room. He sat on the arm rest of the couch, typical for him, he rarely ever sat in a real seat. "I've got news for you!"

I turned to look at him. "What is it?" I asked, trying to hide my excitement, though I knew I wasn't doing a very good job, I never could.

"First," He looked at my face and smirked. Then, as he always did, he paused for dramatic effect. I grabbed my clutch and threw it at his head. Bullseye. "Fine, fine," he laughed, rubbing his head. "I've gotten you a new movie deal!"

I squealed in excitement and moved forward in my seat. "What's it about? Who's in it? I'm the lead, I am the lead right? Where are we filming? Ah! This is all so exciting!"

Tom smiled and opened his mouth to speak. "Well--"

"Miss Andrews?" Some guy dressed in all black stood at the door. He wore an ear piece and held a clipboard. Most likely a manager of some sort. "We're about to start, time to take your seat."

I frowned at Tom, and grabbed my clutch. We aren't finished with this, I mouthed as I walked out of the comfort of my dressing room and into the seating area of the Grammy's. I found my name on a seat and carefully took my place. Then I put on my best award winning smile, and folded my hands in my lap.

Show time.

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