Mia biary is a 15 year old teenage girl who lives in the Romney Marshes in south east Kent. She works hard at school to get the highest grades she can achieve. She loves her horse, Domino; a fifteen point one hands high Marwari stallion who she had owned since she was thirteen.

But when Domino gets scared of by strangers, how far will the two go to get back to each other?


9. Chapter 9

We walked into the sand school. Domino was very eager to get started.  We walked around the sand school twice, and he calmed down slightly. We went from C to A, changing the diagonal. Then i decided to take it up a small notch.

We started to trot. I waited for Domino to get his balance, then started rising. We made a twenty five meter circle at E, then went from H to B and changed the diagonal again.

Then we cantered. Three laps around the sand school. We slowed down and i got off. I put up a jump and let domino go over it by himself. I don't want to put pressure on his back if it could cause him an accident to his leg. 

"Domino jump time!" i said. He canter the sand school twice, then soared over the jumped, then trotted around once and walked over to me. I made the jump a bit lower. "Good boy" i said rubbing his neck. He nuzzled me, then i got back in his saddle.

We trotted around then started to canter. We cantered up to the jump. I got into position in case he did jump it. He leaped over it, although he knocked the top pole slightly, but it didn't fall. We slowed down, and after a few minutes, came to a halt. I hugged him, and he lifted up his neck to keep me from falling. Then i patted him, and dismounted. I took off his tack then took him to the paddock. He rolled around for a while.

I think he will be alright to do the competition.

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