Mia biary is a 15 year old teenage girl who lives in the Romney Marshes in south east Kent. She works hard at school to get the highest grades she can achieve. She loves her horse, Domino; a fifteen point one hands high Marwari stallion who she had owned since she was thirteen.

But when Domino gets scared of by strangers, how far will the two go to get back to each other?


6. Chapter 6

A car honking woke me up. I raised my head quickly, wondering what it was. "Easy boy, its time to go home" Mia said, rubbing her hand over my nostrils. Slowly, i got up. It was raining. Mrs Biary came running into the stable, carrying my rug. "Here you go Mia. I'll take his tack back to the car. Its good to see you again Domino" She gave me a polo, and i nickered at her, before she walked back to the car in the rain. "Mum warmed it up for you boy" she started to put my rug on. Lovely and hot.

We started to walk to the horse car. Her mum had opened the car and was siting inside. Mia stroked my neck, and i walked inside. She bolted the door behind me, then slammed the door of the car after getting in. We started our journey home. Ahhh Home :)


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