Mia biary is a 15 year old teenage girl who lives in the Romney Marshes in south east Kent. She works hard at school to get the highest grades she can achieve. She loves her horse, Domino; a fifteen point one hands high Marwari stallion who she had owned since she was thirteen.

But when Domino gets scared of by strangers, how far will the two go to get back to each other?


5. Chapter 5

Mum said i should go looking for Domino again, and take some supplies in case i find him and he needs help. I put a first aid kit with bandages and a sponge inside, followed by a big bottle of water to clean any cuts. I put in a small bottle of water too, in case he is thirsty. I got a small bag of apples, carrots and banana mixed together for him too. I told mum that if i find him, i'll call on my phone, and if he is not in a good enough condition to walk home, she will have to pick him up straight away.

I took the bus and got off a few meters from the woods. My heart started pounding. I could tell he was close.

I walked into the woods, and saw he wasn't near the bench. from a distance i could see the bucket inside the shelter had moved. I ran over there and went inside. He was there! sleeping, but breathing and safe for now.

I sat on the floor and looked at his leg. It had two small cuts and they were dirty. I woke him up just so that he wouldn't wake up whilst i was cleaning his wounds and panic. I stroked his nostrils and his eyes started to open. He was so happy to see me, and started to nuzzle me.

I called mum, i told her that i had found him and to bring the horse car. Also i asked her to put his rug in the car.

When he stood up, i took his tack off and put it over the stable door that i always left open, just in case. I poured some of the water into my hand, and he drunk it slowly. I grabbed the bag of food and the first aid kit, poured the food into the bucket, then started to gently wash the cuts. I gently dried him with a towel that i had put in a cupboard a while ago. I found some boots in there, and put them on Domino's legs to protect them from any more injuries whilst he was going to be in the horse car. I hugged him after he had laid down. "What did they do to you eh boy?" i asked him as i played around with his forelock. He laid his head on my lap, and went back to sleep. 

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