Mia biary is a 15 year old teenage girl who lives in the Romney Marshes in south east Kent. She works hard at school to get the highest grades she can achieve. She loves her horse, Domino; a fifteen point one hands high Marwari stallion who she had owned since she was thirteen.

But when Domino gets scared of by strangers, how far will the two go to get back to each other?


11. Chapter 11

When i finished bathing Domino, I brushed him over. It took a while to get all the knots and tangles out of his mane and tail, but i did it in the end. I plaited his tail first, because it doesn't take as long. I plaited it, then folded it in half and put a ribbon over it. Then i moved onto his mane.

Domino loves his mane being plaited, because it tiggles him. I made a trellis plait, which i think looks really cute on him. I put his blue blanket on, and a neck cover to stop his plaits getting dirty before the show. I put him in the paddock for an hour before we had to start getting ready

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