Mia biary is a 15 year old teenage girl who lives in the Romney Marshes in south east Kent. She works hard at school to get the highest grades she can achieve. She loves her horse, Domino; a fifteen point one hands high Marwari stallion who she had owned since she was thirteen.

But when Domino gets scared of by strangers, how far will the two go to get back to each other?


10. Chapter 10

Me and Mia are entering the jumping competition. The jumps are between 50 cm - 70 cm high, which is perfect for me. Mia thinks I can go higher, but we would rather be safe than sorry!

She walks into my stable. I greet her with a friendly nicker. She plays about with my mane and runs her fingers softly through it. I walk behind her as she stops. I rub my muzzle in her hair, and she giggles. I pull a funny face, and she laughs even harder. She falls of the hay bale she was sitting on, and into the bedding hay, merely avoiding the poo on the floor. I snorted and she carried on laughing, and eventually got up. She hugged me and took me outside for a bath, although I think she may need one more than me after that little incident!

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