What happens when one little joke turns into something serious for Trayka?...


3. This Weird Feeling

Chapter 3:



I went to school and was completely freaked out by what happened this morning. Harry saw me in my room. that means he stood at my window in the pouring rain last night. He lives 8 houses down from me, so I knew he was close by to hear me singing and changing.

I was in 4th period and I had that with Louis. To be honest, I've always liked Louis. There was something about him and I think it may of been his cute smile. It melted my heat every time he did. But Louis was so sensitive and supportive of me, but the thing is, he's best friends with Harry. I could tell Louis almost anything, but I knew this would have to be kept to myself.

"Everyone pair up with a partner." the teacher said and Louis looked at me. "Found one." I smiled and he scooted closer and I felt him stare at me. I looked up at him and stared back. "Yeah?" Louis shook his head. "You seem bothered." I looked away and down at the text book. "Something bothering you lovely? Something I can help with?" 

If only...

I looked up and shook my head. "Thanks, Lou." I smiled. "But I've got it under control." I lied to him, but he couldn't know. No one could know, not even my girlfriends.

I bit my lip and waited for the paper to be passed out and start on it. 

"It's due at the end of class, if you're not done, then you have homework. No fooling around and get to work!" The teacher said. Lou looked at the teacher and shook his head. "I wonder if she gets laid, she's so tempered." He said and I chuckled. "Probably not." I said writing down an answer. Lou smiled.


The bell rang and Lou and I walked to 5th together, we never really did this, but today we did.

"Lou!" I heard a raspy voice call Louis name and I turned to see. My heart sunk when my eyes saw the mop of curls bouncing and the cheeky smile. "Harry!" Lou called and gave him a hand shake. I backed up down the hall and took off. Harry just freaked me out that much now.

I ran into the girls restroom and hid in the stall and brought my knees up prayed he wouldn't come in. I heard the bathroom door squeak open and I heard two girl come in. 


I peeked through the crack and noticed it was Selena and Jessyca. They were cheerleaders for our football team and they thought that the whole school stopped and stared when they would walk down the halls. Jessyca looked at her reflection and fixed her curls and make up. "Did you hear about Harry Styles and Trayka Stout?" she asked. 


Oh no...


"No, what happened?" Selena asked. These bitches always had to be in people's business. It's not even funny how nosey these skanks were. 

"She gave him a handjob on the school bus. In front of everyone." Jessyca said. I hung my head and felt my eyes water up like crazy. "Ew..." Selena said. 


Great, now the whole school probably knows and thinks I'm a whore and what's even worse is, this town is so small that this rumor could get back to my mom and dad. My mom and dad were friends with a lot of these kids parents, and I was afraid that someone might slip it to their parents, and they might tell mine.


I wiped my running nose and heard them leave. I came out of the stall and walked to the sink and looked down. I felt like my life was falling apart over this...

I looked up at myself and wiped my tear filled eyes and the tears off my cheeks. I sighed and gave myself a look in the mirror. 


I walked out and made sure Harry wasn't anywhere near me, once I knew he wasn't, I walked to 5th. 




Later at lunch I finally had to face Harry and get over the fact that he sits with my friends. I sat down and looked up at him, because I felt his eyes on me as soon as I was in his sights. I still didn't want my friends to know anythinng, so I had to act completely fine. I didn't want Liam, Niall and Zayn to worry and think I'm some kind of stalker magnet. Because if they thought so, they'd honestly kick Harry's ass. They were like my older brothers. God forbid if Louis knew...Louis would want to kick his ass his self, even though they are best friends.


I sat down by Nia and smiled. "There you are," Liam said and he pointed to Harry. "There's your love bird." my stomach turned and I felt the need to vomit. "Shut up, Liam!" I snapped and he laughed. Harry smirked when he heard that, but I didn't think it was so funny. It pissed me off, to be honest. 


"So, there is a party at Nia's house tomorrow and you all are invited." I looked at Harry who still stared at me. "For what?" Zayn asked. Niall looked over at him and Courtney and smiled "For me baby. That's what." I took a drink of my coke and broke away from Harry's stare. "Do we really have to come?" I asked. Niall went blank. "Well, erm...I guess no-" Nia looked over at him "Yes, you all have to come. This is important to me, this baby will be all you guys' niece, so you have to be there. No 'if's' 'ands' or 'buts' about it." I sighed and moved my coke more in front of me. I wish I didn't have to hide this from my friends, because if Nia knew, she wouldn't of told me I had to come. 


I looked at Louis who looked over at me and smiled. I bit my lip and smiled and looked down at my food and then back up at him with a bigger smile. I knew Louis was into me and it made me happy. 





Later that night after dinner I took a shower and played my iHome as I washed my body. I felt as if I had to scrub myself from Harry staring at me all day today. I was singing "Dirty Diana" by Michael Jackson as I washed my body. How ironic was it singing a song about someone stalking someone else? I'm almost living this Michael song.


I got out and made my way into my room and made sure my curtains were closed this time. I walked over to my window and looked out to see if he was there tonight. He was not. I still can't believe he watched me! It creeped me out knowing he was standing out there in the rain watching me strip. He was a creep.  I shut them and turned around. I had noticed that my door was open and I was almost positive I shut it when I came in here after dinner. I always shut my door. Mom must of came in here or something. I thought to myself. I shut my door and walked to my dresser and took out my pink lacy panties and my white tank top. I was sleeping in those tonight. 


I took my towel off and let it hit the floor. I rubbed lotion on my body and then put on my panties and shirt. I climbed into bed after turning my light off.





I felt hands around my neck and I felt them squeeze around it, when I opened my eyes  I saw it was Harry and he was trying to hurt me. I couldn't breathe and I was trying to push him off. "Har-" was all I could get out. I was coughing and gagging. I began crying and Harry was, too. "I loved you Trayka, I just wanted you to know that...why couldn't you see that??" He squeezed harder and tighter...


I woke up to myself screaming and sweating. When I sprung up I saw someone open my window and try to get out. I quickly turned on my light and saw it was Harry. 


I jumped and got up without screaminfg, but I was scared for my life. 


He jumped from a two story window and I tried to stop him, but when I made it to the window, he had already jumped and was running back into the darkness. I shut my window real quick and locked it and sunk down to the floor and cried as I shook. This was really getting out of hand. 




The next night I went to Nia's house for her party for Ali. I knocked and Niall answered. "Hey!" he brought me into a hug and let me go. "Glad you came." I smiled. "I kinda had to." I giggled and so did Niall. I looked around as I walked into the living room with a bunch of other people. I didn't see the creep yet, hopefully he didn't want to come, but he knew I was. 


"Is Harry here yet?" I asked Niall and he looked over and smiled. "Not yet, why? You like him?" He asked and I looked over at him real fast. "Noooo!" Niall laughed. "I think you do." "I don't!" I replied.  Niall threw up his hands. "Okay...okay." I reached for a plastic cup and poured some pepsi in one and drank it. Everyone danced and talked and I just stood by Niall and Nia all night. 


Louis then came over and I ended up spending time with him. He brought me into a hug and held me for a few minutes. I closed my eyes and smiled. With Louis I felt safe and I felt like, even thought he hadn't told me, he loved me. 


Louis asked me to dance when the song "Drops of Jupiter" by Train came on. I smiled and took his hand and began dancing with him. For a short time, it felt like we were the only two people in the house. I smiled as he pulled back and looked at me. I smiled as his eyes looked at my lips and he leaned in. My stomach started doing flips and I had butterflies. Louis lips crashed into mine and I let him and I kissed his soft lips back. 





Louis gave me my drink and I drank it, but by this time, I wasn't feeling right. I felt dizzy and like I was going to pass out. Louis looked at me and narrowed his eyes. "You alright love?" he asked. I shook my head and put my drink down. "Yeah, umm, I'm going to go to the bathroom real quick." Louis smiled and pulled me into a kiss before I left. "Don't be too long. I'll miss you." I smiled. "I won't." I was so happy Louis and I kissed, maybe he and I can actually get together now. 




I used the bathroom and felt worse afterwards. I opened the door and made my way out and back to Louis. I held on to the wall to help me walk, because I felt like I was going to fall over. 


I accidentally bumped into a tall strong man. "Sorry- I-" I tried aplogizing as I held my head. This was getting worse by the second. I looked up and saw him turn around and saw it was Harry. I tried getting away, but he took me down the hall and into a room. 


He locked the door behind him. "Harry- please...don't do anything." I pleaded. I was scared, but I knew I could get out of this if I tried. Harry pulled me into him and kissed me on the lips and I tried pushing him away, but I couldn't because he was much stronger than me. But I kept trying and trying, until I finally pushed him as he was pulling away. I ran to the door and tried opening it, I was struggling and struggling to get to unlock. 


I felt Harry's arms grab me and pull me into his arms. "You do anything, I will hurt Louis, I promise." he threatned. I gasped and started to cry. I can't believe he said that. "He's your best friend." I said. "And I will do anything to get out of the picture so you and I can be together." Harry forced me over to the bed. As soon as I hit it, I felt like I was going to pass out and I couldn't fight it. 


Harry unzipped his pants and I shook my head. "Please..." I pleaded weakily. My eyes were barely open when I felt Harry lay his naked body on mine. I felt undo my pants and take them off. I tried stopping him, but soon things were black and I was passed out. 

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