What happens when one little joke turns into something serious for Trayka?...


4. No Where Is Safe

Chapter 4:



I woke up to the song "Blurred Lines" in the back. I sprung up after remembering only Harry was in here not too long ago. I passed out before something happened, I do remember him telling me not to do or say anything because he'd hurt Louis. 


My neck was kinda stinging and I grabbed it and bit my lip and scrunched my face. "The hell?" I got up and walked to the mirror. I moved my hair to the side and noticed two large hickies on my neck. I gasped when I noticed how large and dark they were. First thing that popped in my head was I knew who they were from, but what if Louis saw them? Louis would flip on Harry. 


I lifted up my shirt and looked at my stomach and noticed more. These you could see his teeth marks. The door opened and Nia stood in the doorway looking at me. "Trayka...where have you been? Have you been back here?" She looked down and noticed the marks on my stomach. I pulled my shirt down and walked to the bed. "Uh, yeah." I sat down and ran my hands through  my hair. Nia still stood where she was. "Who gave you those hickies?" I didn't say anything as she walked forward and towards me. "Louis was looking for you. He told me you guys kissed." I nodded. "Where is he?" I asked. I forgot to go find him. "He left like an hour ago. He said he felt like he scared you away with the kiss." I looked from her and down at the floor. "He- he thought you went home..." she said and I instantly started balling. I felt so bad and it wasn't even my fault at all. It was Harry's. 


"Babe, what's wrong?" I wiped my nose and cried harder. "Nothing." I said covering my face with my hands. "There is. I know you and you should know you can tell me anything." she said rubbing my back. I looked up "No, that's the thing, I really can't tell you, I want to, but I can't." I could tell that kind of hurt Nia, because she knew that I knew that and she knew that I did tell her everything. She and Kayla were my best friends. I've known them my whole life. 


I buried my face in my hands again and cried. Nia sighed and then looked at her nightstand in the room. "What's that?" she asked. I looked up and saw her standing up and grabbing a piece of paper. She read it off:


Trayka, I had fun with you. You are perfect in every single way. I dressed you again, just in case. I don't want people getting suspicious. Just know when you see those love bites that it's my way of saying that I own you now. You are mine. 

love, H x 


I felt chills run through my body when she read off "You are mine" I cried some more. "H? Who's H?" Nia asked. I didn't say anything. "Trayka, are you trying to hurt Louis or something?" she asked. I shook my head. "No! I'm not- I'm..." I looked away and started shaking. "Then who is H?!" she asked. "Harry! It's Harry!" I replied with tears streaming down my face. Her face went blank when she heard me say his name. "Ha-Harry? Harry did this to you?" she asked. I nodded "Yes, he did. He drugged me, I know up until the point where I told Louis I had to go to the bathroom to pull myself together to where Harry was on top of me, everything else is a blur." I said. Nia sat on the bed and was in complete shock and I could tell there was horror, too. 


I felt Nia pull me into a hug and I cried on her shoulder. "Please don't tell anyone. He told me if I said anything he'd hurt Louis and I don't want to lose Louis." I sobbed. "I won't. I promise. This the first time he's tried something?" she asked. I pulled back and looked at her. "This is the first time he's done something to me. It started off that he watched me change in my room. He was standing outside my window. Then he was in my room last night." Nia raised her eyebrows. "He was in your room?!" I nodded. "Yeah, I woke up and he was climbing out my window." Nia covered her mouth. I nodded "I think he came through the basement and then when were eating he snuck up to my room." She shook her head. "What a sick bastard."


Niall then walked in. "There you guys are. Everything ok?" he asked. Nia nodded "Yes, baby, everything is okay. Don't you worry." I looked up at Nia. "Well, I just sent everyone home." He said. Nia looked at me "You need a ride home, babe?"


I licked my lips. I was actually afraid to go home. Harry could be waiting for me. She only lived a couple blocks down, but it took me forever to walk back home in the dark and tonight, I was too scared. 


"Nia, is it okay if I stay here tonight? Please?" I asked. Nia looked over at Niall and back at me. "Well, Niall stays here everynight just in case something happens in the middle of the night." I looked away and hung my head. Niall looked at me and then at Nia. "Babe, I'll sleep on the couch. She can stay here." I looked up at Nia and she looked at me. "Alright then. You can stay hun." 





Nia had given me some clothes to wear. I took a bath for awhile to feel a bit better. I laid there looking at the marks Harry had left behind. I ran over the dark purple marks with my finger. "You are mine." ran through my mind. It was so strange, I could hear him saying it. And hear him saying it freaked me out. I sat up in the tub and tried to stop thinking about it, but I have the marks to prove that he was here, the marks to prove that his mouth has been on my body and it disgusted  me. I ran my fingers through my hair and got out. 


I got dressed and walked out. Niall was laying on the couch watching tv. "You gonna be okay out here?" I asked. Niall looked over and nodded. "Oh yeah. I'll be fine." I smiled and nodded. "Okay, well goodnight then." "Goodnight." I kinda felt better that Niall was sleeping on the couch. I thought if something were to happen, Niall wouldn't let it. He had 2 girls to worry about tonight, including Ali inside. 


I walked in Nia's room and climbed into bed and charged my phone on the nightstand. Nia had washed the sheets before we laid down after the whole thing that happened with Harry tonight. I felt so bad that it happened on her bed. 


I noticed the piece of paper Harry had left on the nightstand. I picked it up and looked at it. I felt tears water up and I crumpled it up and threw it in the trash can next to the desk. 




"In this California king bed. We're 10,000 miles apart. I been California wishing on the stars for your heart on me. My California king." 


The sound of my ringtone woke me and Nia up. Groggy, I grabbed my phone and accepted the phone call without knowing who it was. "Hello?" I answered in a sleepy voice. "Trayka..." I heard someone whisper. "Yeah? Who's this?" I asked. They didn't saw anything, but I heard them breathing. I took me awhile to realize who it was. "Harry?..." "Don't hang up." my hand started shaking. I felt my eyes water up. "What do you want with me?" I asked. "I just want you." he whispered. Nia looked over. "Is it him?" she asked. "I told you not to tell anyone...now you know what has to happen." he said softly. I sat up. "Don't touch Louis...please! I'll do anything." Nia looked over at me. "No, don't say that!" she whispered. Harry chuckled softly. "By the way, I see you..." he said. 


I looked at Nia and dropped my phone. My stomach flipped and I was shaking even more. 







Hey hey hey! 

Sorry if this chapter is shorter than the others, I'm sick. :P I feel like my head is gonna explode! Anyway, how about that Miley VMA performance? Hahaha. Crazy bitch...but hey, I gotta love her, she was my hero and role model when I  was 14...now I'm 19...why does that make me feel old?? "SO LAA DII DAA DII, WE LIKE TO PARTY!" Hahaha! The boys looked  a little scared when she was up there singing and "twerking". Haha it's like, she's got a bigger botty than I do, and I can twerk better than she can. Hahaha she just shakes it.  Ok moving on, I don't know why I am ranting about her. Lol THIS IS US TOMORROW!!!!!! WOOOOOO HOOOOO!!! I'm going with my mummy tomorrow!! <3 I'm old enough to go myself, it's just she loves One Direction, too. She has a little cougar crush on Harry! xD

Okay, enough of my randomness. :) I hope you like this book so far! Comment and like and all that good shit. Love you all! 


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