What happens when one little joke turns into something serious for Trayka?...


6. Marae'

Chapter 6





"Harry...he..." Louis stared right into my eyes without looking away. I couldn't imagine what Louis would do when I tell him. "He raped me." I said quietly.


Louis looked away with anger and hurt in his eyes. He looked at Nia who looked away crying. Louis swallowed a lump in his throat, I could tell. He looked back up at me with tears flooding them. "Why?"


I bit my lip. "The handjob I gave him." I replied. Louis shook his head and looked disgusted. "He took that seriously?" he asked himself and then looked at me. I began crying harder, because I thought Louis was disgusted with me by the look. "I'm sorry, Louis." I sobbed and hung my head. I felt like I let him down so bad.


I felt Louis cup my chin and lift it up. I saw his watery eyes and heard him sniffle. "Nothing is your fault, baby." he said and brought me into a hug. I smiled and buried my face into his neck and kissed it softly.




I stood on Nia's porch looking into the window. Louis had his hands on my girl and it wasn't fine by me.


Everyone was awake and I wanted to charge in and pull him off of her and onto the ground. I hated him so much, so so much. I don't care if he's my best friend, I wanted to hurt him so much.


This anger grew and grew.




Next night:




My mom told me that we were having dinner guests tonight and that I had to be home tonight.


I put on my black skirt and white sort and tucked it into it. I left my hair straight and put a black headband in it and put on my black and white converse. I heard the door bell ring and opened my door.


"So glad you could make it." I heard my mom say. I made it to the end of the stairs and saw a brunette and a older guy. I walked down the stairs more and noticed two more people and stopped halfway down. my heart stopped and my stomach flipped.

Harry looked over and smiled at me. He started biting his lip and checking me out, I regretted this outfit. "Fuck, fuck fuck!" I said to myself and stomped my foot on the wooded step. Harry smiled and watched me.




Few hours later:

I sat next to Harry on the couch and waited for my mom to serve dinner and get it over with. I had to sit next to Harry, there was no where else.

My dad sat in the living room with us and talked to Robin. Anne helped my mom. I tried scooting away from Harry more and more. I'd rather die then sit next to him.

"Alright, dinner is done." my mom said. Robin and my dad walked in a quick motion to the table. I wanted to move in front of them and avoid Harry doing something. 

My dad sat in his original song, Robin sat next to him. Gemma sat next to Anne who sat next to my mom at the end. There was only 2 chairs left and only 2 people left, me and Harry. 

Harry sat down first and I stared at him. I was disgusted by him so much and even just by looking at him. "Trayka?" I shot my head over at my mom who called my name. She raised her eyebrows and smiled. "Sit dear." I hesitated for a minute. But eventually I sat down next to Harry slowly, but I did. 



Everyone was talking after dinner and my mom brought out the pie and we ate it. Harry looked over at me and smiled as everyone payed attention to everyone else, but us. His smile made me uncomfortable.

"Almost as sweet as you were last night." he whispered. I got up really fast. "May I be excused?" I asked and my dad looked up at me. "Why?" I looked at him. "I think I'm gonna be sick." I said. My dad shook his head. "Sit." he said and pointed at my chair. I did as I was told. "Yes sir." 

Harry smiled and grabbed my leg tightly and then rubbed it. I smacked his hand away and didn't look at him. 

I pressed my lips together and put my elbows up and closed my eyes and covered my face. "Elbows off." my dad said and I took them off. I heard Harry chuckle and shivered. He leaned in and whispered "Be a good girl." I yanked away from him and felt his fingers trail up my thighs and moved my panties to the side. 

I jumped and gasped. I looked at Harry with my eyes wide. "Stop..." I whispered. Harry smiled and tried to continue to touch me. I was scared and I hoped someone would see this. 
But my luck, they wouldn't. 

I grabbed his wrist and tightened my grip around it. I stared into his eyes and gave him a look that could kill. 

If only they could...


I heard Marae's cry and I ran to her room to check on her. "Baby, what's wrong?" I asked as I turned on her princess light. "I want my mommy!" I pulled her into a hug. "Mommy isn't here. You'll see her tomorrow." Marae' sniffled and then nodded.

It's hard for Marae' to be without "Trayka all the time, but Trayka really had to focus on school. She had a deal with her school after she dropped out. Before she had Marae', she dropped out, because she thought she wouldn't be able to finish. Her dad pretty much made her go back and the school told her that I'd she passed all her classes, she'd graduate with her class on time. But she was doubled up like a mofo.

So, Marae' lived with me all week and every other weekend. Trayka was a hell of a mom. She loved Marae' with everything she had and I mean EVERYTHING. 

I was glad she helped and knew her.



The next day:


Daddy put me in the car and drove me to my mommy's house. I couldn't wait to see her, I wasn't here last weekend. I had my bunny and I was ready for the weekend with mommy.

Daddy pulled up and got me out of the car seat. I held tightly to my bunny and daddy grabbed my bag.

My papaw answered the door and opened his arms. "My Marae'!" I smiled and daddy handed me over. Papaw held me and I smiled at him.

Just then I heard mommy's squeaky door and looked up the stairs and saw mommy coming down. "Mommy!" I shouted and she smiled. "Marae'!" she took me from papaws arms and held me tight. "Hi baby girl. Mommy missed you so so much!" she said. I smiled. "I missed you, too, mommy!" 

Mommy looked at daddy and smiled. "Hi Ian." she said. he waved and smiled. "Hello." Mommy looked at me and smiled. "Go put your bunny on the bed while I talk to daddy, then shortly we will go outside and play, sound good?" she smiled and I did, too. 

I ran upstairs.


I walked up to Ian and he leaned against the door frame. "You've been talking to Louis?" I looked up and looked at him. "How do you know that?" I asked. "He told me." I looked away and crossed my arms. "You can move on." he said. I looked back up and stared at him. "I know. I'm trying." I said. "You moved the hell on, I need to, too." Ian stared at me and put his hands in his pockets. "Just because I moved on doesn't mean I wanted to." he smiled and walked backwards. I shook my head and smiled. "Go home to your girl, you goofball." I said.


I smiled as I saw Trayka outside with a little girl playing with her. Their brown hair blowing in the wind. Must be her cousin or something. Trayka was picking her up and smiling and laughing. "You're so silly! Such a silly girl!" she said tickling her and I smiled.

I wanted that to be her and our kid one day.

I got out of my car and walked up to the side of her house and looked through the fence. "I'll be right back Marae'. Can you be a big girl and stay out here for a few seconds by yourself on the patio for mommy?" 


"Yes." she said in the littlest and cutest voice. I thought to myself and smiled. She's so young and I could talk her into something.

I walked closer and leaned over the fence. "Psssttt..." I hissed and Marae' turned around and looked at me. "Hey Marae'." I smiled and motioned her to come over to me. She looked back at the door and then back at me. "Mommy told me to stay here." she said in a tiny voice. 

I smiled at her. "I know your mummy. It's okay." She looked back again and then walked over to me. "I'm Harry." I said with a smile. She just watched me and didn't say anything. "How old are you sweetheart?" she held up her hand and lifted up 3 fingers. "My goodness. You're such a big girl." She didn't say anything. "You look like your mummy." I said smiling. She was such a beautiful little girl.

"Who are you?" she asked. "I'm a friend of your mummy's." She looked me up and down and gave me a dirty look without knowing it. "Actually, I love your mummy. You should tell mummy that her and Harry should be together." I smiled. 
"You talk funny." she said and I chuckled. "I'm British sweetie. You're American." "No, I'm Marae'." I chuckled. "You talk funny to me, too." I smiled and saw her look back. 

"Marae'..." I heard Trayka's voice and took off.

Hopefully Marae' would say something to her. 


"Marae'..." I called her name and she walked back over to me. I shut the door. "Baby, I told you to stay here." Marae' walked back over and looked up at me. 

"I was talking to Harry." I looked at her and my stomach dropped. "Marae'..." I said and grabbed her arm. "get in the house, baby." I said and I opened the door. She walked in and I did after her and locked it.

I'm never leaving her alone for a few minutes again.

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