What happens when one little joke turns into something serious for Trayka?...


2. It Starts Now

Chapter 2:



"I don't even know her, but I feel a responsibility to do what's upstanding and right, It's kinda like a code, yeah. And you've been getting closer and closer, and crossing so many lines..."  I started on my French paper on my laptop as I was listening "Girl At Home" by Taylor Swift on my iHome. I sang along, I worked better with music and the smell of the fall wind and rain coming from my open bedroom window made it better.


This stupid paper I had to do had to be in french and 4 pages. It was ridiculous, I liked French, but to expect a senior to write a 4 page paper in French was ridiculous, even for ADV class first of all, and second, this was a college assignment. Sometime I wanted to throw my teacher a right hook right in her mouth on the days where she yells at us in French. It was a 4 year class and it sucked so bad sometimes.


I started typing and was going good until I couldn't find the right word to say in the middle of the paper. I was talking to myself trying to figure it out. I couldn't remember if  'que' meant 'and' in French, or if 'et' did. I climbed off my bed and went to my backpack on the other side of my room to get my French dictionary out of it. Once I found it, I grabbed my iHome remote. I changed the Taylor Swift song to "I Knew You Were Trouble" I smiled and threw the dictionary on my bed along with the remote and began singing out loud. I didn't sing bad, I just chose not to sing in front of people.


"Now I heard you moved on from whispers on the street. A new notch in your belt is all I'll ever be..." I jumped on my bed and pretended I was signing to a crowd in London, which is where I've always wanted to perform live at. One day I was going to, one day.


"I knew you were trouble when you walked in, so shame on me now. You flew me to places I've never been, 'Til you put me down, oh. I knew you were trouble when you walked in, so shame on me now. Flew me to places I've never been. Now I'm lying on the cold hard ground..." I jumped off my bed and continued to dance like no one was watching. "Oh, oh. Trouble, trouble, trouble. Oh, oh. Trouble, trouble, trouble..."  I danced around my bedroom until I heard a knock at the door. I knew it was my mom calling me for dinner. 


"Honey, dinner is ready, so wash up and come down. And turn your music down. Your father can hear you singing all the way from downstairs in the den." I rolled my eyes and turned it off and shut off my light as I left my room to go to the bathroom and wash my hands for dinner. 


I went downstairs and into the dining room. My mom had made fettuccine tonight, which was my absolute favorite. I sat down and my dad followed soon after. My mom made his plate and handed it to him, then she started on mine. My dad looked over at me "How was school?" he asked and I looked away from my mom who was fixing my plate still. "Good, I guess." I said. "You staying out of trouble?" If you call giving a random guy I barely knew a handjob staying out of trouble...but they didn't need to know about that. Otherwise, I'd be dead.

"Sure." I said. My mom handed me my plate and I took it. My dad took a bite and looked at me. "Learn how to keep a conversation going." he said. I looked over at him and he turned away. "What?" "I want more than just 'good' and 'sure'." I rolled my eyes and picked up my fork. "Okay, let's try again..." I put on a fake smile and mocked a happy school kid.  "yeah, dad, school was absolutely great! We learned everything that I'm never going to use!" My dad stared at me. "You happy now?" He shook his head in disappointment. "Maybe if you weren't so focused on singing, maybe you'd like school." I narrowed my eyes at him. "Who could like school?" I asked. "Listen you ungrateful little brat-" my mom cut in. "Stop, Robert stop. And Trayka, stop antagonizing your father. I want a nice peaceful family dinner."


I continued eating and my mom and dad talked. I didn't say anything at all, because he always has a comment about it. The were talking about The Twist's Family, which is Harry's family right down the road. "Robin bought that big boat out there in the lake, that family is loaded big time." my dad said. "I know, Anne always has a new purse all the time." My parents were friends with them, but I still didn't know Harry. "They have such wonderful kids." my dad said. I scoffed, because I knew that was directed towards me. "Have you spoke to Harry?" my mom asked. I looked up and looked at her. "Uhhh, no, I mean, only a little. He talks to my other friends on the bus. He sat with me today, but didn't say much." I said and looked back down at my food. "He's a cute boy, you know." she said. I shrugged "I suppose." I mumbled. 


After dinner I went back upstairs and turned on my light. I locked my door and walked to my dresser and pulled out a tank top and short shorts. I pulled off my top and bra and put my tank top on, then my pants came off to put on the short shorts. I threw my hair in a ponytail and shut off my light, and went to bed finally. I wasn't going to bother with the French paper tonight.





The next morning I went to the bus stop and everyone was already there, Kayla, Nia, Niall, Liam, Courtney, Zayn, Louis, Danielle and then Harry. I passed him awkwardly as he talked to the rest of the group. I walked over by Kayla and saw him staring at me with a smirk on his face. I smiled back and broke the awkward staring. It was kind of awkward because of the handjob I gave him.


"Oh my god, Trayka!" Kayla said and then she remembered what happened yesterday and looked slowly Harry's direction. "What?" I said she laughed. "What do you mean what? Everyone wants to know. Is it awkward between you two?" she pointed at me and Harry. I tried playing it off. "Why would it be awkward?" I asked and everyone laughed. I rolled my eyes. "Guys, it was a handjob, not sex." "with your hand it was!" Liam said. They laughed and then Niall spoke up. "And you saw Harry's dick, so yeah, it should be awkward." Nia hit Niall. "Watch your mouth babe." Nia was pregnant with Niall's baby girl and she wanted to name her Ali after the singer Aaliyah. Niall looked at Nia. "No cussing around Ali." Niall's eyes got bug. "Damn! Shit! Oops!" he covered his mouth. Everyone but me and Harry laughed. We were too busy staring awkwardly at eachother, well, I knew I was, he was still smirking.


The bus arrived and everyone pushed through eachother to get out of the chilly fall air. I was pushed back into Harry. "Oops, sorry Harry." Harry caught me. "It's quite alright." I smiled and nodded and waited in line for it to move. "You know, you can dance and sing very well." he said. I narrowed my eyes and felt his breath on my neck. "Also, another thing...I like your body, too." he whispered and I stood frozen as he passed me and climbed on the bus. I had forgotten to close my blinds last night...

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