What happens when one little joke turns into something serious for Trayka?...


7. Big Lies

Chapter 7
Big Lies

I tucked Marae' into my bed. She slept with me while she was here. We didn't have enough space for her own room. I didn't mind it much.

I pulled her blanket over her and she stared at me. I couldn't believe what happened today. He now knew I had a daughter, which made me even more scared.

"Marae'," I sighed and was probably going to regret asking this. "do you remember what Harry talked to you about?" she looked at me and then looked around. She looked back but gave me a look and I knew she forgot who Harry was.

"Do you remember Harry?" I asked her and she shook her head. "He has brown curly hair, talks different from me and you, he talked to you today." she shook her head as she remembered. "Oh..." she said and looked at me. "He said many things." "like what, baby?" I grabbed her tiny hand.

"He said I looked like you." I gulped and stared at her. She squeezed her eyes shut to remember. "Uhm...he said-" she put her hands on her head. "He said you guys were friends..." I shook my head. "Harry and I aren't friends, baby. Next time he says that, don't listen to him." she shook her head and understood what I asked. "Don't talk to him again either." she stared at me. "Okay mommy." I looked at her and moved her hair.

She held tightly to her bunny. I leaned down and kissed her goodnight. "I love you." "I love you, too." I got up and she grabbed my arm. "Mommy," she said and I looked back. "where are going to be?" "I'll be downstairs. If you need anything just yell. I'll be going to bed soon." she nodded and let go of my hand.

I turned around again and started heading for the door. "Mommy, wait! I remember now!" I looked back and stared at her. "What Harry said!" I sat back on the bed and stared at her. She closed her eyes and tried to remember again. "He said you guys should be together and he wanted me to tell you to get with him."

I felt as if a huge lump was caught in my throat and I couldn't swallow. Marae' looked at me and grabbed my hand. "Mommy, did I say something wrong?" I looked back at her and stared. "No, baby." He was actually using my daughter to get with me. "Just don't talk to him, okay?" Marae' nodded. "Okay..."

I got up and tucked her in again. "Give mommy a kiss." I pulled my hair back from the sides of my face and she gave me a peck on the lips. "I love you." "I love you, too." she replied and I shut my light off.

I walked downstairs and took out the bag of popcorn. Louis was coming over tonight. My mom and dad weren't home and I invited him just to come over to watch a movie.

I looked out the window for Louis, but as I did, I saw Harry's house light on and I stared thinking, if he's there, he's probably staring back at me. I closed the curtains aggressively at the thought. He scared me more than anyone.

I breathed in heavily and shut my eyes. It scared me that he's been in my room. He touched me with his hands and hurt me, he never intended to, but he did. I still remember how scared I was. His whole hand wrapped around my neck as I struggled to breathe.

The sound of the doorbell broke me from the terrible memory and caused me to jump.

It was Louis at the door. I shook off the terrible feeling and walked to open the door.

I answered and Louis smiled and leaned in for a hug. "Hi babe." I smiled and hug him so tight. My head rested in his shoulder and I closed my eyes as he held me in his warm embrace. My feet were lifted off the ground and I felt Louis's scruff against my cheek and giggled. I ran my fingers through his hair. I loved how I felt with Louis.

We walked down to the basement with each other to watch the movies. Louis took the popcorn bowl and ate as I started the movie and sat down next to him. "Here love." Louis sat the bowl between us and I took a handful.

"Oh gosh, I didn't mean to get the extra buttery kind." Louis narrowed his eyes. "What do you mean?" I threw the popcorn away in the trash can and took a Kleenex. "I don't like extra buttery." I was about to wipe it off my hand when Louis grabbed it. "Why don't I just lick it off?" he smiled and I giggled and took my hand back. "Louis..." he laughed and let go.

1 hour into the movie things were still going great, almost perfect. Louis leaned over as he rubbed my thigh and kissed me gently on the lips. I kissed him back, but was kind of afraid of what would happen.

The kiss started getting intense as his hands made their way up my bare back. I jumped back and stared at him. "Louis...I can't..." I said as I pushed him off. He stared back at me "Why not love?" he asked. I sat back on the couch and watched the movie that was playing. "Because," I said "Marae' is upstairs." Louis smiled at me "So, she won't hear us, babe." I looked away and heard Louis chuckle. "Unless you're a loud one." I looked back and smiled, and my lips crashed into Louis's.



An Hour Later:

Harry's pov:

I creaked open the front door to the house. I figured since the lights were off she went to bed with her baby. I knew her mom and dad were gone, I saw them leave an hour ago.


I walked passed the basement door and heard noises. I opened it a bit more and listened to see what was going on. I walked down a bit and peeked my head around the corner and saw Louis on top and I knew, I knew he was on top of Trayka. I heard her moaning his name and her fingers tangled in his hair. I pulled myself back and stood on the step for a minute. I wanted to do something, but I couldn't. But this rage was taking over me, all over.


I balled up my fist and walked up the stairs and shut the door. I didn't know what I was going to do, but I kept walking to the front door. But when I walked past the stairs, I stopped. Her daughter Marae' was here.


I turned around and walked up the stairs to Trayka's room. I saw her door and opened it and walked into the dark room. I loved the way her room smelled, because it smelt exactly like Trayka and I loved the way that girl smelled. She smelled like that Juicy Couture stuff.


I walked in more and saw Marae' sleeping on the bed. I wasn't going to do anything bad to her, but I watched her sleep for a minute. I knelt down and smiled at her. She looked so much like Trayka it was ridiculous. I ran my hand over her head and she opened her eyes and she held onto her bunny.


I smiled at her "Hi baby girl." she jumped up and looked at me as she breathed heavily."Marae' it's okay honey." she held her bunny and looked at me."Mommy said I can't talk to you!" I looked at her and nodded. "Why would mommy not let you talk to your own daddy?" she narrowed her eyes at me. "You're not my daddy!" she snapped back. I nodded and smiled at her "I am Marae'. Mommy told you that Ian was your daddy. Mommy doesn't want you to see me."


I was tricking a little girl, yes, but this idea just worked in my head.


"Why?" she asked and I shrugged. "Because mommy doesn't love daddy anymore." she looked down and stared at her bunny. "Well, how come?" I smiled and picked her up and sat on the bed. I sat her on my lap and she looked at me. "Then why do you not talk like me and mommy?" I looked down at her. "Because..." I looked around and tried to figure out what the hell to tell her.

"Well, baby, see...erm..." I pressed my lips together and looked at her. "You were raised by mummy, so you were around the American accents. There would of been a 50/50% chance that you would of had either a English or a American one if both mummy and me raised you." "Ohhh..." she looked around and jumped off my lap. "where is mommy?" she asked.

I pressed my lips together again. Trayka was still downstairs with Louis. Bastard, my best fucking friend was fucking the girl that was mine.

"She's downstairs baby, but do you want to come with daddy?" she looked at me and looked around. "I don't know daddy..." I smiled when I heard her call me 'daddy'. that was the way it should be.

"Daddy is just down the street." she looked at me. "Mommy wanted me to come get you." She walked a bit closer and held out her arms. "Okay." She held onto her bunny and I picked her up.

Trayka's pov

Louis and I finished. I smiled at him as I laid watching him put his shirt on. I can't believe I let him do this after what happened with Harry. I just cared about Louis and trusted him enough to know he wouldn't hurt me.

He leaned down and kissed me. "That was amazing love." I nodded "It was." I ran my fingers through his sex hair and smiled up at him. "I told you Marae' wouldn't get up." I smiled and nodded. "I'm actually surprised she didn't. She always get up." I leaned up and put my clothes back on.

Louis and I made out for a few more minutes, before my parents came home. They knew Louis was over, so it was no big deal to them.

"Trayka?" my mom called from the upstairs. Louis and I broke from each other. We walked upstairs together and my mom and dad greeted him. They liked Louis, they always have.

"Why was the door unlocked?" my mom asked and I face palmed. "Shoot, sorry!" I had forgotten to lock it when I let Louis in. "I forgot." I said and dad walked around. "Its fine. Nobody was murdered." I nervously chuckled. Louis looked at me and knew why I was the way I was.

"Where's Marae'?" mom asked "Upstairs sleeping already. She hasn't gotten up all night, so it's strange." My mom narrowed her eyes. "That's weird. She always gets thirsty and needs water in the middle of the night." I nodded "I know. I think I better go check on her." I said and grabbed Lou's hand.

We play fought the way up the stairs. Just goofing around like those new lovers do, or at least I think we were. Whatever it was, I was happy with it.

"Shhh..." I hushed Louis giggling. We were about to enter my room. Louis hushed and I walked in noticing the light had been on next to my bed. And Marae' was not in it. "Marae'?" I called out and looked in the bathroom. She wasn't in there, I called out her name again and looked under the bed.

"Where is she?" Louis asked and I got up crying already. "She's gone..." I covered my mouth.

I ran out the room and stopped at the top of the stairs. I stared at the front door and remembered my mom saying the door was unlocked. "Oh my god..." I mumbled and I felt my skin start burning and my stomach turn.

I turn back to Louis and stared. "He has her." Louis narrowed his eyes. "Who?" "Harry." I replied.

"Harry has Marae'."

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