What happens when one little joke turns into something serious for Trayka?...


5. Are You Ready For The Truth?

Chapter 5



"Where are you?" I asked after picking the phone back up. "Look for me." he whispered. Nia sat on the bed. "Trayka..." She said as I got up. "Don't."

I looked behind the couch in Nia's room and I didn't see anything. I looked outside her window and didn't see anything moving, no black figures. I was starting to freak out. "Alright, you psychopath, where are you?" I asked.

"Trayka..." Nia whispered. She looked over at the closet and moved her head a bit to the side telling me he was in there. I didn't even look in there before, because her closer is small.

I walked over to it though. I stood in front of it for a second and sighed deeply. Even though I was doing this, I was scared. I opened the door and nothing happened, no one was in there.

I turned around and brought the phone to my ear. "You're not in there-" "Trayka!" Nia called for me to look out.

I felt someone wrap their arms around me. I dropped my phone again. Harry covered my mouth so I couldn't scream. Nia did try to get out of the room and go get Niall, but Harry caught her arm. He threw Nia back on the bed and laid me on the bed.

Harry still had his hand covering my mouth. He kissed my neck all the way down chest. I tried turning my body to stop him, but he'd just keep rolling me back to the same spot. I started squirming when his hand starting making its way down more and more and brushing against a place it shouldn't.

By this time, I was crying. Nia was too, she was looking away, but I knew she wasn't gonna let this go on. "Shhh, love, you enjoyed this earlier." I shook my head and cried. Nia sniffled her. "You drugged her. She didn't know what was happening." She snapped at him. "Shut up, Nia!" he hissed. Harry pressed his hand harder to my mouth. I grabbed his wrist to remove it, but he wouldn't move.

I screamed into his hand. Nia saw me struggling and that I was struggling to breathe. It was almost like my dream, but the thing was, in my dream Harry was meaning to do it. I knew he was just too angry to realize what he was doing.

I started kicking and Nia stared at me. She then was holding her stomach and gasping. Harry looked back at her with wide eyes. "What?" He asked. Nia pointed to the door. "I'm going into labor...I-I need Niall!" she said. Harry removed his hand. He looked at her and started to move for the door. He was panicking over it.

Nia grabbed her alarm clock and bashed it against Harry's head and it left him screaming in pain and holding his head. "You bitch!" he screamed and looked at her. Nia grabbed my hand and took me out into the hall and into the living room where Niall slept.

"NIALL!!! WAKE UP!" Nia shook him and woke him out of deep sleep. Niall sprung up. "What? What happened?!" he asked. "Harry is in my room!!" She said. "Harry?" he got up.

All this stuff going on was really starting to mess with me. I grabbed a hold of my head and held it. I felt dizzy and like I was going to pass out. I started sweating. Nia looked at me. "You ok?" She asked. I shook my head and fell over. Things went black and gritty.


I had Niall grab Trayka and lay her on my bed. I looked for Harry all around my room. He was no where.

"Nia, are you sure you weren't dreaming?" Niall asked. I shot my head around. "No, Niall! He was here!" Niall walked around. I could tell he didn't believe me. I rolled my eyes and sighed. "Niall, Trayka saw him, too. I'm not crazy!" I said. When I looked back at him,I noticed he was staring at my window. "What babe?" he looked at me. "Did you have your window open before?"

I looked back and saw my window open. I looked at Niall. "No. I locked it before we went to bed." I walked over to it to shut it when I noticed the blood. Harry blood had dropped on the window pane as he was escaping. I must of wacked him harder than I thought.

Niall walked up behind me. "Nia, tell me why Harry was up here to begin with..." I looked over at Trayka who was passed out on the bed. I pressed my lips together as I watched her sleep. I wish this wouldn't of happened to her.

I grabbed Niall's hand and pulled him toward her. "Don't tell anyone, Niall. Not Harry, not Liam, Zayn anyone! I will tell Trayka I told you." I removed the blanket from her body and lifted up her shirt halfway to show him her marked body.

Niall looked and looked up at me. "Ha-Harry did that to her?" he asked and I nodded. He rubbed his forehead and sighed. "All this over a stupid handjob. He wants her." I said and I felt chills run through my body as I said it.

I pulled her shirt back down and covered her back up. I watched her sleep for a few minutes and I could see that, even in her sleep she was scared. Her face tells it all.



I woke up and looked on my phone to see that it was 4:45 am. Nia was up on her laptop with her desk lamp on. I looked around and she looked back in her mirror. "Hey, you're up! How you feelin'?" she asked. I looked up "Sore. My back hurts." I said. Nia nodded. "That's because you passed out on the floor. Niall had to carry you back in here." I removed the blanket and checked the closet.

"He's not in there." Nia said as I swiped the clothes from the hangers to the side. I closed my eyes and sighed in relief. Thank god, he wasn't on the closet.

I looked back at Nia. "He's gone?" I asked and she nodded. "Not sure where he's at, but yes." I gulped and shut the closet door. I walked back to the bed.

I thought about Louis and our kiss. I wanted to see him again, he made me feel safe. And I didn't care what time it was, I just wanted him.

I pulled out my phone as Nia stayed at her desk on her laptop. I clicked on Louis contact picture and it started ringing.

"Hello?" I heard Louis groggy voice on the other end. "Louis?..." Nia turned around in her seat and stared at me. "I need to see you." I said. "Everything alright?" he asked. I nodded and held back the tears, because nothing was alright. I didn't want to worry Louis. "Of course." I said, but Louis knew something was wrong.

"Alright, I'm coming over, my love." he said. "I'm not letting you come over at 4 in the morning, Louis! I feel terrible." I said. I heard Louis chuckle as he got up. "You don't sound like yourself, so I'm coming." I sighed and looked at Nia. "Okay..." I gave in. Nia looked over at me and got up. "Ill be there in a few." "Alright." Louis hung up and I did, too.

"He coming over?" she asked and I nodded. Nia grabbed her extra blanket and pillow. I looked over as she did and made her way out. "Nia..." I called after her and she made her way back in. "where are you going?" I asked and she replied. "You and Louis can sleep in here. I'll sleep on the couch with Niall." She said and I nodded.

I wasn't wanting to do anything with Louis, when that time comes, I want it to be special between us. And I know it will be.


I ran around back and into my window. I had this huge gash in my head from that bitch's alarm clock. I went into my bathroom and took out a wash cloth and got it wet with cold water and laid it gently on my head and left it.


I looked into the mirror and myself and smiled. Just because Nia hit me, doesn't mean I'm gonna stay away from my girl. It's gonna take a lot more that to keep me from her. They are gonna have to kill me.

I felt bad about drugging Trayka and everything, but I wanted her and she wasn't going to give herself to me without it. So I had to do it.


I heard a knock on the door and heard my mum's voice. "Harry?" she asked quietly. I put the cloth down and opened the door with a smile. "Hi mum." she smiled and nodded. "Just making sure you're okay, dear. I haven't heard anything from you since you left." I nodded. "I got home around 1 or so and got some sleep." I said leaning up against the door.

"What are you even doing up, mum?" I asked her and she shrugged. "I passed out pretty early, so I'm just a early bird this morning." she looked me up and down. "Why are you still in the same clothes you left in? I thought you went to bed." I looked down, she didn't know I was out as late as I was.


The party...I forgot she knew I left. "I passed out as soon as I got home." I quickly replied. She nodded. "And there was no drinking, right?" she asked and I just nodded, but there was. If I told her that there was and I did, she'd never let me go out again, and I'd be grounded for life. "Okay, well, you know your friend Trayka?" My friend? As far as my mum knew, we were friends just because she's seen us together with our other friends, but we really weren't. She pretty much hates me with a passion. "Yeah?" I asked and gave her my immediate and full attention after I heard her name. "Her mother invited us over for dinner at their house tomorrow night. Just a heads up." I smiled. "For what?" mum shrugged and hugged me. "I guess to be friendly." she kissed my cheek and walked away.

I smiled bigger at the thought of seeing her again. I hope she's ready.




I arrived at Nia's house, because that is where Trayka was staying tonight. I thought she left me to go back to her house during the party, so I went home and went to bed instantly.


Niall answered the door and I walked in and saw Nia and Trayka watching T.V. Trayka was on the floor on a air mattress. I smiled and walked over to her. "Hey love." I said laying next to her. She didn't waste anytime throwing her arms around me and hugging me, which made me very happy to feel her arms around me.


Niall gave us some extra blankets and since it was so early in the morning, we soon fell asleep. I didn't ask about what happened at the party, it looked as if she had enough problems to begin with without adding more, I got under the blanket and held her tightly.




"Please...stop..." I heard Trayka whimper in my sleep and thought at first I was just dreaming. Then it stopped for a few minutes and then she flinched in her sleep and it woke me up instantly. "No..." she cried. It looked like someone was hurting her in her sleep. I didn't know what to do, but Nia and Niall eventually woke up to it, too. She started crying and moving her arms like she was defending herself in her sleep. "Please get off of me!" she cried louder.


I looked back at Nia and Niall. "What is going on?!" I asked. Nia and Niall looked worried as they watched Trayka struggle in her dreams to defend herself from whoever was hurting her. "Wake her up, Louis!" Nia yelled. "Now! She needs to be woken up now!" she said and I shook her hard to get her out of her horrible nightmare. She screamed as she sprung up and looked at me with wide tearful eyes. But the look she gave me at first was like she didn't know who I was, but it soon came to her. "Louis?" she sobbed quietly and I nodded and opened my arms and she fell into them. She hung on to me tight and cried. "What's wrong, my love? Please tell me." I looked over at Nia and Niall who were sadden by this image. 


Nia wiped her eyes and Niall did, too. It pained them just as much. Trayka lifted up her head and looked at Nia who nodded to her. "He needs to know, honey." Trayka formed new tears and looked at me with her lips pressed together. My eyes watered up at seeing her like that. "Your best friend Harry..." she weeped, but stopped and hung her head. "What? What did Harry do?" I asked. Niall got up and left the room crying. I think Nia and Niall knew...


She lifted her head back up. "Harry...he..." I stared into her blue eyes waiting for it. But was I ready for it?

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