In the Middle

I'm just a teenager waiting to acheive my dream of becoming a dancer. My manager has booked me with one of the biggest boybands in the world. How will this love unfold?


8. Chapter 4

Chloe's P.O.V

"Of Course!" I said.

"Are you excited to be touring with us?" he said with a weird look on his face.

"Yeah, I am," I started, "I can't wait actually!”

Harry had a huge smile on his face, and his beautiful green eyes were sparkling at me. His eyes were locked on mine, giving me butterflies in my stomach. 

"Chloe!" someone called.

I looked up to see who was calling. It was Laura.

"Yeah?" I replied.

"Here's the list of songs you and the rest of the group will be dancing to and the names of the other dancers."

"Ok, Thanks," I thanked grabbing the paper.

I started scanning the paper. So it seems we will be dancing to:

1. Midnight  Memories

2. Alive

3. Little Black Dress

4. Better Than Words

5. Best Song Ever

6. Strong

7. Through the Dark

8. Diana

Ok, and the rest of the group is





Omg! DANIELLE!! Please may it be Dani! I hoped.

Our choreographer is Margo.

It seems like a pretty nice team, I hope. I don't want to fight I just want to have fun and enjoy myself.

Harry might have seen the worried expression on my face.

"Chloe, Is everything ok?" he asked.

"Yeah. Harry?"


"How come did you come all the way to South Yorkshire to meet me?"

"Oh, All the boy split up to meet the rest of the team. Liam went to meet Danielle in London. Niall went to meet the girl Margo. Louis went for Anna and Zayn went for Lela. So you feel welcome with us."

"Oh. That's so nice of you guys."

After that, Harry and I continued chatting and getting to know each other. He turned out to be really nice and I felt quite comfortable talking to him.

We have just arrived in London and it was really chilly. Good thing I wore a sweater, I thought.


From the airport, we went directly to a building, guessing Management. As we arrived, we went to the elevator and went up a few floors. The elevator stopped and Harry came closer and whispered in my ear, "You're going to bored as hell!"

Oh! Ok Then.

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