In the Middle

I'm just a teenager waiting to acheive my dream of becoming a dancer. My manager has booked me with one of the biggest boybands in the world. How will this love unfold?


4. Chapter 3

Exactly 11am, I'm outside waiting for someone to pick me up.

After saying my goodbye's to everyone, a car pulled up in front of our house. Out came a man wearing a white top and black pants.

"Ms.Devine?"He asked


"May I take your bags?"He asked again

"Yes,Thank you!" I said smiling

I said my last goodbye to my family and my best friend.

"Ms.Devine?Shall we go?"

"Yeah"I respnded with tears in my eyes.

I started making my way to the car and to my surprise, I wasn't alone.

"Hello"said a husky voice. "Hi" I said.

Harry.Harry Styles was sitting across me.

"I'm Harry.Pleased to meet you." No shit Sherlock I thought you were Johnny Depp.

"Chloe."I said as we were shaking hands.Stay cool!

"So...Are you ready for 3 months with us?"He asked enthusiastically

"Seriously? No."I said with a frown

"Why?We are quite appealing, you know, and we promise to not be so hard on you"He said,quite serious.

"It's not that!But I'm pretty sure, I gonna be homesick and 3 months on the road?That's tough."I explained.

"Tell me about it.You'll get used to it.So..Let's get to know each other!"He said."You start."

"Okkk.My name is Chloe Ann Devine. I'm 19. I love dancing. I can play the piano and guitar a little. I have 2 younger sisters, Ellie and Darcy. That's all I think!"I said.

"Omg! I always wanted to name one of my daughters Darcy.Cute!"He said acting like a girl.

"Ok! Stop it! Tell me about yourself!"I said

"My name is Harry Styles.I'm from Holmes Chapel.I have an older sister named Gemma. I'm in a band called One Direction. Have you heard of it?"He asked with sarcasm

"Omg!No! But I might have cause' I have a 13 year old sister blabbing about some guy with  handsome curls and asking for his gravy. Is it that one?" I said Laughing.

"Yeah! Might be. I might even know that guy with the handsome curls and all." He said with a wink

"Oh really?I would be delighted to meet him!"I said

With that, We heard the driver call out Harry to tell him that we have arrived. I noticed with all the screams an all that.

"Ok.Now stay close to me and hold on.There will be Preston next to you at all times including me."He said pointing to his bodyguard carrying my bags inside.

"Ok.Let's do this shit"I said.

"I love the enthusiasm!"He said with a grin.

He slowly opened the door and went out.I quickly went out right behind him holding to his hand tightly.The screams kept getting louder. Paparazzi were all around us, asking questions and taking pictures.

"Harry! Who's the lady"

"Harry!Look Here"

Harry!Made a friend haven't we?"



How does he deal with this? 

We kept trying to make our way inside and, Finally we were inside the airport. No more screaming fans.The screaming was still ringing in my ears. Oh well!

"Are you all right?"Harry asked with concern

"Yeah, but I still can't listen right! My ears are ringing!"I said

"Oh!You'll get used to that!" He said

I guess there are a lot of things I have to get used to.


A few minutes later, I saw Laura arrive. She was running fast to me.

"Omg! You ok?"I asked

"Yeah!Fine.I thought I was going to miss the flight."She whit heavy breathing

"Well, now you're here."I tried calming her down

"Yeah.You ready?"She asked

"I guess"I said unsure.




"That's our cue, come on."Harry said grabbing my hand, whilst Preston is carrying my bags and Laura walking quickly behind us

As we arrived to the gate, We boarded the plane and as it was first class, It was quite peaceful and not so hectic.

As they kept babbling about plane safety and how long will it take to get to London, I got out my phone and headphones and started to listen to Little mix 'How Ya' Doin'. I remeber practicing this with Dani. Danielle is my dance partner. I think She is also chosen. I don't know really, I haven't got a chance to talk to her this past week. When I get to London, I'll call her.

I made myself comfortable on the seat due to the fact that the plane ride is only about 1 hour or so.

"What will be happening when we get to London?"I asked Harry, whilst taking my headphones off and Putting my phone back in my bag.

"From the Airport we drive to Modest! Building which is managment ,we will go through the Tour destinations and all that. Then you and the other dancers are going somewhere, to discuss rehersals and stuff."Harry explained

"Ok.Long Day!"I said.

"Yeah! Long Day! Chloe can I ask you something?"


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