In the Middle

I'm just a teenager waiting to acheive my dream of becoming a dancer. My manager has booked me with one of the biggest boybands in the world. How will this love unfold?


3. Chapter 2


“I guess I have to start packing...” I said sighing.

These will be the longest 3 months. I will miss my family for sure and I will miss home, my bed, the comfy sofa ....Well, everything.

Suddenly I heard a knock on my door.

''Come in" I said.

My best friend, Belle, came in running. She is also 19 and she loves One Direction so I may know why she's here or either to help me pack.

"Wattup, Girlie?" she said.

"Not much, can you help me pack?"I replied

"Of Course! Now.... I'm Single, you're single and 2 of them are single! Matchmaking? Please?!"

"Why does everyone keep asking me that?!?! I'm going for work, not to fall in love!" I said. Really?? I waited for this job long enough!

"Okay, Fine! But I have to meet them!!"

"Fine, I'll try! I'm not promising anything!! I replied. "Now help me pack!!"

"Will do"

After 2 hours of packing....

I nearly packed my whole wardrobe but anyways, I am so excited about these 3 months now. I'm starting to think this will be a great opportunity to kick off my career, and I get to do my favourite thing; Dance.



Today is the day I leave everything for 3 months and perform with One Direction. Huh! I just made it sound good and bad. Oh God! I need to relax. Then let's call Laura! Omg Now I'm talking to myself, I'm going crazy!

I dialed Laura's number and she picked up after a few rings.

L: Hey Chlo!

C:Hey! What will be happening today?

L: A car will come and pick you up at about 11am and It will take you to the airport where I will be waiting for you, and then we will catch our flight and when we arrive in London, we meet up with the boys and management and discuss the tour.

C: Oh, Fun! See you!

L: Ok Bye Bye!

Well, I guess I'll be leaving soon.

I jogged downstairs to find my parents cooking breakfast.

"Mm, Smells great!" I said

"And tastes good, as well" My father said.

"Good Morning, sweetheart! How are you feeling?" my mum asked me.

"A little excited, actually. Mum, Dad a car is coming to pick me up to take me to the airport at 11am! Ok?" I said.

"Yeah! Ellie! Darcy! Come down for breakfast!"dad shouted.

I heard loud footsteps coming down the stairs and welcomed by many kisses and hugs. I will sure miss this bunch.

"Girls, your sister is leaving at 11am! Ok?" Mum said

"So early?! Can we come with you to the airport?" Darcy said.

"Yeah" followed Ellie.

"Sorry, Darce. I don't think you can, a car will come and pick me up." I said sadly as they put on their pouty faces and tears filling up in their eyes. I will truly miss them.


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