In the Middle

I'm just a teenager waiting to acheive my dream of becoming a dancer. My manager has booked me with one of the biggest boybands in the world. How will this love unfold?


6. Casting List!!

So!!!! Hi!! 

Good News! Everyone will have a part in the story.

Bad News! Not everyone will be a dancer.

Sorry! But they are 5 dancers Chloe Danielle and 3 girls I chose.

If you don't like your part just tell me and I will try to change It.

Now.....*X Factor Heartbeat*

Ok,Ok Here it is!!


                 Btrroxs12(Josh Bf)



Tour Manager:SN_Bonet (Niall Bf)




Ok, So the tour manager will have a part in the story don't worry you won't be left out. Neither will the stylist and choreographer.

Do you like your parts?If you don't just comment and I'll change them I won't mind.

Anyways.....Do you llike 5sos?Comment your favourite guys ;)

And will you also leave me a picture of you guys I should use for the story.. actually any information I could use just comment down below.


Stay Beautiful My Carrots xx



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