snobs covered in glitter

This story is actually real. The story of my life. I always wanted to share it, so here it comes. I know it's a bit chaotic, but please finish it and then judge. Hope you enjoy it :)


2. The rest

For about a week I didn't find any friends. I was just moving with the crowd. I didn't talk much, I didn't want to become the "girl who talks a lot". Eventually I found a group to hang out with. Franceska, Emma and Alissa. I would't say they were the BFFs you find in the movies. In our conversations they were talking about shoes, clothes, boys, gossip and homework, while I was just sitting there. I just never got over the boundary when you can say whatever you want. Later it just became the habit. They talk I listen. The way to communicate. When it was the four of us I was mute. No sound. I still wonder weren't they thinking I was weird.

Only when I was with Franceska I was talking. Somehow I managed to break the boundary and with the other two I couldn't. Franceska was my friend. And she was the only normal boarder I knew. We were friends and the other two were a bit separate, because they were best friends.

Although Alissa and Emma were saying that, they were not. One time Alissa went to town with another girl and Emma got absolutely crazy about it(someone has a psychological problem). Emma was upset for about a week. Can you imagine that? Getting mad at your friend only because she went to town with another girl. Let's not mention that Alissa tried to ask Emma to come, but Emma was not in her room. I think Alissa was the one who was always following the other and Emma was the leader. In this case, the school was like in the movies. How is it only the bad things from there that actually happen?

This was not the only flaw in the students.

Soon I discovered this school was absolutely wrong for me. Every Saturday night everyone from the school went in town and got drunk. Then they would probably hook up with someone and on Sunday morning it was all gone. Exactly like it happens in a movie. Another bad thing, as you have probably noticed.

One time my roommate came back and her face was filled with tears. She was obviously drunk. I had no idea what was happening. Until the girI next door told her friend the story(she didn't even bother to speak quietly or go to another room, I could hear every word). The story was absurd.

My roommate got drunk and went to the park with a guy. Then she suddenly was in front of school and everything in-between these two moments was blank. She was afraid she had a sexual contact with the guy. I don't think she did, but I don't have any knowledge of how alcohol works on your body, so I am not really reliable for an opinion. All I remember is I pitied her.

-Can you get my bag please? - she asked like this was the most important thing in the world, but also the hardest task anyone can have. In this moment I completely forgot about all my shyness and everything else disapeared, I went to the other room(her bag was with the other girl for some reason) and I asked if the bag was there.

For some reason, a drunk crying girl made me do what I was afraid to do for months. I don't want to show of, but I don't know what that feeling was and I think it's really interesting what a person can do if they pity someone. If we did this all the time and not just when we pity someone we would have a better world.

This was not the most schocking thing from that night. After I came back the teacher knocked on our door. What was I supposed to do? If I lied she would see the drunk roommate and we would both get into trouble. But I couldn't say the truth and leave a drunk girl to the anger of the teacher.

- Are you ok girls?

- Yes, we are miss. - I said, decided to hide. See what pity does?

- She looks red. - What now? What can I do?

- I am ok, I just stayed too much on the computer. - my roommate said that like it was completely natural to get a tomato red face from a computer. Was she that drunk? And couldn't she smell the vomit? Any person could connect the two evidence, or alteast a non-drunk peson. Which teacher would believe your face is that red from a computer? Obviously this one.

- I will leave you then.

She knew, any reasonable person would. She either was really really stupid or she didn't care. And why would she? They pay thousands just to check us every night and wake us up. Why would she want to complicate her life with calling the principle and making a big scandal?

I was one of the few good girls in the school. I did not drink or smoke or hook up with random people. I was waiting for true love. The others probaly thought I was a loser. They probably laughed at me. I knew that, but still I pretended to care about their fancy clothes and their expensive shoes, because you can't be alone. I prefered to have fake friends than have none. It's just the way I felt. In my heart, as horrible as it sounds I hated them. I was the girl who stayed home and loved her parents. One of a kind teenager. I love my parents, they are my best friends. I cry on the first day of school, the students here cheer. They are snobs covered in glitter. First you see the glitter, the fancy clothes and expensive presents. When you look deeper you see snobs. All they care about is how their hair looks like or how much their shampoo costs or what will the others think. These are the important things. Nothing else. While I was living there I thought "Is that all?" Are these girls pretty Barbie dolls whose head is empty? As far as I saw, they were.People only like them becase they look good and they are rich. They just do what others do. I always wondered, don't they want something more? Don't they know there is more to life than money and glitter? All they have to do is reach for it. Emma can have a best friend, a true one and not be worried that she would be left alone, if she started talking with Alissa about real things and not how much her channel bag is worth. My roommate could have known if she had a sexual contact if she was not so drunk. Their life could be much more noble and filled with joy if only they wondered "Isn't there more?"

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