Stones of Olympus: Heras Pearl

Ashley Keen is pulled into a new world. Demigods, monsters and a huge quest await her. Being the only child of Hera Ashley will either be praised or abandoned but in this huge quest to save her kind, will she prove that Hera made a good choice?


3. Ashley


                ~The Next Morning~


 I sat up in my bed. I was in my own cabin, alone and It was not fun. The Hera cabin was a big white empty cabin. There had been no beds before but now there was one lonely one tucked away in the corner. I couldnt sleep last night. I felt like i was being watched...Well I guess I was by that big creepy statue of my mum. Ok, would you want a marble statue of your mum staring at you all night? If you do, go see a doctor. I walked into the bathroom and looked into the mirror. Wow.. I looked bad. Maybe it was from lack of sleep? My eyes were all puffy and my hair was matted to the scalp. I washed my face and tidied myself up before heading out for breakfast.


As I walked into the mess hall, I saw loads of happy kids laughing and joking on different tables. When I walked past, it fell silent. Mm, yeah, great everyone just all stare at me first thing in the morning! thats just what I want! I thought. I went to sit at the white and purple table. Pancakes appeared infront of me but I pushed them away. I wasn't in the mood. Whispers were going round. Things such as: Hey, look Its Ashley! and Its the Hera girl!. I was about to walk out when I remembered something. I ran over to the fire and threw the pancakes. "Uh, Hi mum, please enjoy these pancakes." I said as quietly as possible.


I ran back to my cabin and threw myself back onto my bed. "Thanks mum, great lot of help that was." I mumbled. "Oh, darling I'm sorry" a warm voice chuckled. I slowly turned to see a beautiful woman with deep brown eyes and long dark wavy hair cascading down her shoulders. "Mum?" I asked in awe. "Ashley, yes" she sighed sadly. Ok note to self: This woman DEFINITELY beats Jane. "Why does everyone hate me now they know I'm your child?" I asked. She looked down. Her hand reached out and took one of mine. I'm not the most liked goddess by many children here and, I vowed to Never EVER have children EVER. After all I am the goddess of marriage and I am married to Zeus so it would be a bad example to go round having affairs with um..well mortals." I nodded. " but still, out of everyone, you chose my dad?" "why not?" she replied. "look Ashley, I'm not supposed to be here zeus is angry enough with me already". Lightining shook the ground "Ashley find the pearl- " Hera was broken off as another bol of lightning shook the ground. I slammed to the floor. The last thing I saw was Hera disappearing then i blacked out.


-Thankyou for reading this. sorry its so short I have been busy. I need some background characters so if you want to be included just leave a comment below

thankyou :)-

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