Stones of Olympus: Heras Pearl

Ashley Keen is pulled into a new world. Demigods, monsters and a huge quest await her. Being the only child of Hera Ashley will either be praised or abandoned but in this huge quest to save her kind, will she prove that Hera made a good choice?


2. Ashley

"That's it!" I yelled. "I'm going home!". "Ashley, please listen!" Yelled Mark. He reached out and grabbed my hand. "New York isn't safe for you any more Ash, You have to stay here. Trust me you'll love it. I sighed and wiped the forming tears in my eyes. Half of me was like WOOHOO! No school, no homework and no barbie mum! But then I realised I only missed one thing. My dad. 


My dad was called John Keen. He worked at a bank. Most of the time he was doing work at home doing paperwork but when he wasn't, he took me out for treats. We would laugh and when I was upset he would hold me in his arms and cuddle me and he always used to say. "Ashley don't cry, Mummy wouldn't want that." I was sure he meant Jane, but now I wonder if he was talking about my real mum...


I snapped out of my chance too see Mark staring at me confused. I was obviously pulling my dream face. I do that a lot. Then we stared at each other for a moment. Then Mark lost it. He put his hands on his stomach and roared with laughter. I then laughed a bit too. When we had finished laughing, It was time to get serious.


Mark led me through the gates of "Camp Half Blood" Was it just me, or did I pass through some kind of invisible barrier? I saw People In orange T-shirts fighting with..swords??? We walked past some brightly coloured cabins with more kids mooching round outside them. There was a pink cabin decorated with hearts and frilly curtains. Outside it a girl with shoulder length, choppy, brown hair braided down two sides and olive skin, was surrounded by a group of girls all chatting and giggling. The girl turned and waved at me. I waved back smiling. Ok call me soppy if you want, but this place felt like I belonged here.


Soon Mark and I got to a big house. It was painted baby blue and peeling. Eugh not a good combination. We walked into the porch and walked inside. Mark led me up some stairs and pushed me into a room. "Uh-" "just go in" Mark smiled. "he doesn't bite" I gingerly stepped forward to a desk. "hello?" The chair turned. A man wearing a  tiger-print shirt and khaki shorts was sitting there. He had dark unruly hair and a short beard. "hello, Alice Kert" He replied. "uh, its Ashley Keen" I corrected "mmm nice" he mumbled. I realised that there was diet coke cans arranged in a semicircle on his desk. "welcome to camp half-blood" He said. "I am Mr. D. You know the Greek gods and goddesses?" "Uh, sure." I replied. "Well they still exist. They have children with mortals you see and that makes demigods. I have lots of my children here as well." He said "wait you're a GOD?" I asked. "Yes!" he replied looking offended "I am Dionysus, god of wine" Oh! I bowed down *looking like an idiot* "Get up you stupid girl!" he groaned. "sorry!" I squeaked. " you're suggesting that I'm a demigod?!" I asked now seriously messed up in the head. "A child of whom we do not know but for the mean time you shall be put in the Hermes cabin" He said drinking some more diet coke. "wait Hermes god of thieves and travelers right?"he nodded his head. At that moment a man walked in. AW C'MON! it was a MANHORSE?!?!?. This is Chiron said Mr. D He will escort you to the cabin. Chiron smiled at me. "I  know what you are thinking" he had a warm fatherly air about him."I am a centaur." "half horse half man?" i queried. He chuckled and said "yes". I followed him back to the cabins I had seen before. It was dark now and I was tired. He showed me the Hermes cabin and went back to the big house. I pushed open the door. I was stampeded by noise and screaming. Two brothers were running round trying to slap each other. A group of girls were screaming at this weird thing on TV. I couldn't take it any more. "STOP!" I yelled. Everybody turned to look at me. "Shouldn't you be sleeping?" One of the kids shrugged his shoulders and said " Campfires in an hour. You a Hermes or a stopper by?" I looked at him " I haven't been claimed yet" I replied. "wheres the bathroom?" A toothy girl pointed to a little room." 


I walked in and got out the orange t-shirt Chiron had given me. I tried to ignore the smell. I had taken everything off When the door opened. "ARGHHHH!!!" I screamed "Oh my GODS IM SO SORRY!" squealed a girl. Then everyone laughed. I put on my fresh clothes, let down and brushed my wavy black hair. I looked at  my reflection. My blue eyes sparkled against my dark hair and pale skin. A girl walked around the cabins. "Travis, CONNOR!, STOP THAT!" she yelled. She came into our cabin spotted me and smiled. She had stunning grey eyes and wavy shoulder length blonde hair. "campfire!" she said and ran out. "Whos that?" I asked Connor. "That's Annabeth" he replied. "daughter of Athena, Goddess of wisdom and warfare. Annabeth's also Percy's girlfriend." "Percy?" i asked, "son of Poseidon, saves the world and stuff." he ran out. 


I went out and found a seat. A boy came and sat next to me. "hi" He smiled. I looked at him. Woah! He was brown haired and green, bright eyes. I blushed and looked away. I'm Ashley Keen I said. I'm Daniel son of Artemis" he smiled. "I thought Artemis didn't have kids?" I asked. "Well three years ago that became untrue" he replied. Mr.D came out and spoke but i wasn't paying much attention. Suddenly I got a warm feeling in my fingertips. Then they started to glow. I started rising up into the air. I tried to grab the ground dying in embarrassment. it was too late I was floating up in the sky glowing. Mm Daniel would really want to date a freakish, flying girl! Whispers were going round of "shes being claimed" A glow appeared above my head. A pearly white Lotus formed. Annabeth scowled at me from below, Daniel looked at me in shock , Mark looked like he could be his goatskin pants any minute and the girl from the Aphrodite cabin was gaping at me. Dionysus, relieved from his shock cried "Ashley Keen!, Daughter of Hera!



(Authors note: HI guys! This chapters a bit longer that the first one. I hoped you liked it and If you want I will put in some background characters if you want to make your own leave a comment you know personality looks etc Be as creative as you can! thankyou!! bellatrixlestrange66  xx 

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