Stones of Olympus: Heras Pearl

Ashley Keen is pulled into a new world. Demigods, monsters and a huge quest await her. Being the only child of Hera Ashley will either be praised or abandoned but in this huge quest to save her kind, will she prove that Hera made a good choice?


1. Ashley

I sat at the end of the breakfast table lazily eating my cereal. "Hun, wake up." said Jane. Jane is my step-mum, yeah, she's OK but she's the kind of person who is always wearing makeup. When I say makeup, I mean so much makeup you'd think she had been made in a factory with dolls. She doesn't like me, I can tell I'm not that stupid. She just acts all nicey-nicey around me so Dad doesn't get annoyed with her and say "Jane, get your fat plastic face outta here NOW!" I wish he would say that but the way they act together, I don't think that's going to happen any time soon.


The reason I'm up so early is because it's the first day of school. I'm in year eight and believe it or not, I'm not the smartest person ever. Fine i'm dyslexic OK? I can never concentrate and words just jumble around so that words as simple as "hippo" turn out to be something like "ophip". Trust me, it's not fun to be the dumb one.


After I was ready I said bye to Jane and Dad and got the bus to school. "great..." i mumbled as Britney and her "gang" strutted over. I pushed a lock of black hair behind my ear and waited for the insult. Britney was a pretty girl, but her personality was like a mad super villains. She was tanned, blonde and giggly. Yeah a real heart breaker.... literally. Her two cronies, Maddie and Sarah, were ambling along behind her carrying bags, handbags, purses and whatnot. "what's up Snow White?" Maddie snorted. "your skin got any paler, or is that just the disease tramps get?""Shut up" I mumbled. A tall dark boy pushed through Maddie and Sarah. "Britney, bug off." he said. "leave Ashley alone." Britney didn't seem to care. She stared at the boy as if she were in dreamland and her, Maddie and Sarah walked of to a row near the back. "thanks Mark" I said. Mark was the only friend I had at WInchfield High. "eh it was nothing" he replied shrugging. I chuckled and slowly started to drift off.......


I landed on the ground with a thud. I opened my eyes. "Gah.." I moaned as I reached for my backpack. It took me a few minutes to realize I was soaked. "Mark?" I shouted. No answer. I looked up at the sky. A storm was brewing on the horizon. I stood up and realized I was on the edge of a cliff. It wasn't that high but still a bad drop. I gingerly walked to the edge and saw a sight of horror. The bus had fallen down the cliff. It was mangled but everyone seemed to be OK. Shaken up but OK. I spotted Britney Wailing as all her luggage had sailed away down the dirty river along the bottom of the cliff. I would have laughed if it wasn't so serious......OK I laughed... Suddenly my stomach lurched. I couldn't see any sign of Mark. Just as the thought popped into my mind, a fuzzy figure in a cloak loomed over me. It grabbed my hand and glanced at the storm. "hurry we haven't got much time" I should have recognized the voice but i didn't. The wind seemed to be blowing to loudly to hear anything.


We ran through the streets of New York, splashing through puddles getting dirty but I didn't mind. I was wearing my old jeans, an old t-shirt and a jacket my Dad had bought. "Uh, Excuse me? where are we going?" Ok,Ok I know this was a silly question to ask but I was curious. No reply. "Yep this was definitely a bad idea" I mumbled to myself. Soon we got to a forest. The figure took off his cloak. I had to squint as it was getting dark and the trees blocked out all light. "Mark?" I whisper-yelled. "yeah" he said with an awkward smile. I looked him up and down. Wait...I looked down again. Instead of human legs, he had a furry hindquarters. "What.....The.....Heck ?" I yelled. Maybe a biiiiiiiit too loud. "I'm a satyr!" he said. "yeah, and I'm a unicorn" I replied. "we don't have unicorns but we do have pegasi" He beamed. I shot him a hopeless look "At least tell me where I am so I can get home" I pleaded. He pointed to a big pine tree and smiled. This is Camp Half Blood.




 (Note: Hi guys, I hope you like the first chapter. This is my first ever Movella so it's probably not the best but please read and tell me if you would like the next chapter * i would also like to do some Harry Potter fanfictions as well!* thankyou SO much for reading this 

belatrixlestrange66 xxx)

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