Kerry Yaxley is a proud pure-blood who is an animagus lynx, she has never known her father. However she runs into Sirius Black who has escaped from azkaban. She finds out some exciting but shocking news and can't wait to help him tell others the truth.



Kerry carefully made her way toward the DADA classroom. She opened the door and crept in, towards the office and knocked.

"Come in." Lupin answered. She walked in and Severus was there. Lupin motioned to the chair and in front of his desk.

"So what the hell was that all about last night?" She looked him in the eyes. "There was a bloody werewolf under your desk! Is this some sort of DADA topic?" 

"No Kerry. Ill explain. When I was 9 years old, Fenrir Greyback bit me in retaliation to something was father had said about lycanthropy. I was gravely ill but the healers could do nothing for me. Severus here gives me a potion which I drink and when I become a werewolf I keep my mind, putting no one in danger." Kerry was speechless.

"I'm so sorry. I might have told everyone last night. I'm sorry." 

"Don't worry Kerry. Why were you actually in here last night" Lupin looked at her with confusion. "It was rather late." 

"Well, can I speak to you privately?" She looked at Severus. 

"Fine ill leave!" He whisked round and his black cloak floated behind him. He was gone. 

Then Kerry told Lupin about Sirius. The first night they met, his story about Peter, him being her father (which he looked calm at).

"So I came to tell you because he says you were one of his best friends." She took in a deep breath and awaited an answer. 

"I am aware that he is your father Kerry. As you are right I WAS one of his best friends. However, he is a murderer and I don't believe he is telling you the truth. But thank you. You may leave. I am tired."

Kerry got up but didn't say anything, then she slammed the door. 

"Didn't believe me! Ha! Well I know it's the truth. He just doesn't want to believe it. Stupid werewolf. Aaarrgghh!" She stormed down the hall and walked into someone. It was Harry. "Watch where your going, Potter!" 

"Sorry. I wasn't looking."

"Well you better next time! Or you won't be let off lightly!" She barged his shoulder and walked off. 

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