Kerry Yaxley is a proud pure-blood who is an animagus lynx, she has never known her father. However she runs into Sirius Black who has escaped from azkaban. She finds out some exciting but shocking news and can't wait to help him tell others the truth.



He drove as fast as he could to their house. He panicked, what may have happened? He pressed the special button to go faster. He landed. He ran over to the big burly man standing in front of the ruin. 

"Hagrid! What's happened? Are thy ok?"   Sirius was horrified at the sight. 

"Sirius mate! They is gone. Li'l Arry ere survived though. Gash to the fored mind you." Hagrid showed Sirius the little baby boy.

"My best friend! Hagrid ill take Harry. He will be safe with his godfather." 

"Sorry Sirius, can't do tha. Dumbledores orders you see."

"Here borrow my bike." Sirius forced a smile but was fuming with anger. He knew who had betrayed his best friends. Hagrid got onto the bike and rode away.

"Aaarrrggghhh!" Sirius roared. He ran and ran and then apparated. 

A couple of days later he tracked Peter Pettigrew down. He was in a busy Main Street. 

"Peter! You worm! How could you! Dont you worry ill tell the ministry everything. Ha! You'll regret you ever betrayed your own friends." He shouted as he grabbed Peter. 

"Sirius Black helped Voldamort kill the potters!" Peter shouted at the top of his voice. A massive blast happened. Sirius staggered a bit then looked around. People were screaming in terror and staring at him. He began to laugh. 

"Ha! Peter is dead. The little worm. Justice! Justice!" He stared at a finger lain on the ground. He turned around and 20 wands were aimed at him. Some people grabbed him.

"No! It wasn't me please! I beg of you! It was Peter. Peter Pettigrew. He changed with me, he betrayed them!" He shouted. "Please! i have a daughter. i need to get home! STOP!" He got dragged away and chucked in Azkaban prison.

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