Kerry Yaxley is a proud pure-blood who is an animagus lynx, she has never known her father. However she runs into Sirius Black who has escaped from azkaban. She finds out some exciting but shocking news and can't wait to help him tell others the truth.



Ls"Kerry? Are you ok?" Lupin stood over her. She looked at him with tears sliding down her cheeks. 

"Your stupid desks! Do they really need cleaning tonight? Stupid Severus! Stupid Grainger! Stupid everyone!" She smacked the floor and pain ran up her arm. "Aarrgh! I've had enough of this stupid life!" 

"Calm down Kerry! Don't worry. What has happened?" Lupin gave Kerry a hand and they sat down at a nearby desk. She held her arm in pain. 

"It's Draco! He had a lovely evening planned and Severus ruined it! He gave me a mountain of detentions because of that fight and mudblood Grainger!"

"No need for them names Kerry. She is no different to you or me." 

"We are a lot different from you! SHE! Is a lot different from me!"

"Ok. I asked for that one. Why are you so upset now?" Lupin asked kindly.

"Severus told me about the detention. I was fine with it. I go to the common room and Draco looks annoyed. He tells me about a lovely thing he had planned near the lake and stormed off. He is annoyed at me! He shouted at me." She held down her head. 

"I'm sure he will be fine tomorrow. He shall think what an idiot he was and apologise. Is there anything else worrying you?" 

"Yes. Sirius gave me this lovely bracelet and I wanted to go say thanks for it. But now I can't." She replied.

"Sirius? Sirius Black? Got you a present?"

"Yeh. I got him one as well. He is my father after all. He IS innocent you know." 

"Yes I shall believe that when there is proof. Now I guess you have nothing better to do. The water and sponge are over there. You shall need soap also, which is over there." He explained. He left the seat and sat behind his classroom desk. "Get to it then." 

Kerry lazily walked over to the supplies. She didn't think there would be a chance of her day being ruined. But that is what love is all about. 

"My arm Professor Lupin! It really hurts. I think my hand is broken."

"Come over here." She complied and held out her arm. He held it gently and said,

"Brackium Emendo" softly and quietly. Kerry flexed her fingers and the pain had gone. 

"Thank you sir. Ill work now." She set to work cleaning the tables and did quite a good job. She stopped halfway through to have a drink. "Sir, what time is it?"

"Half past eight Kerry." He said with a smile. 

She carried on and got them done as quickly as she could, whilst also doing a good job. She became very tired and finally finished. She looked over and Lupin was asleep. She shook him.

"Sir, I'm finished." 

"Oh merlin! Your still here? It must be late. Ooh it's nearly eleven! You may go Kerry. The tables look very good." He said. He followed her out to go to his own sleeping area. She walked but slightly ran to get to the common room. 

"Draco?" She said. "Draco? Are you still up? I'm back. Hard work you know!" She waited for an answer but there wasn't one. She left and went to bed. 


Kerry was dressed and went down to the common room. 

"Draco! I'm so sorry about last night. We are still alright though aren't we?" He looked at her quickly and left without a word. 

"Draco?" She said weakly. She blinked back the tears and decided to leave for breakfast. When she got to the great hall she was still fighting with her tears. Draco was sitting at the Slytherin table but Kerry didn't want to make matters worse. She sat at the other end of the table. Food appeared on her plate.

Kerry ate messily as she was staring at Draco all of the time. She looked over at the staff table once and saw Lupin looking at her. Her tears gave way. She looked back and Draco had gone. 

"I see that you are upset Miss. Yaxley." She looked up and saw a sincere Dumbledore. 

"I'm sorry." She squeezed. She ran out of the hall and cried hard. She ran out of the castle and towards the Forrest. She didn't bother transforming. She just ran. She kept falling over which made matters worse. She finally got to the open meeting space. 

"Sirius? Are you here?" She sniffled and slumped down onto a nearby log. Out came a dog from the trees. He pushed his nose into her shoulder and whined. "You were right. Malfoy's aren't good company." Tears dripped into her lap. Someone sat down next to her.

"Don't worry." He put one arm around her. "Boyfriends come and go Kerry. It's family that you need to keep close to. Anyway, he shall sort himself out in a couple of days." She leant her head onto Sirius' shoulder and just cried. 

"Thanks Dad!" She said.

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