Kerry Yaxley is a proud pure-blood who is an animagus lynx, she has never known her father. However she runs into Sirius Black who has escaped from azkaban. She finds out some exciting but shocking news and can't wait to help him tell others the truth.



Kerry opened her eyes and held her head. 

"Where am I? Sirius Black! In the Forrest." Madam Pomfrey bustled over and pushed her back down. 

"It's ok dear. You shall be fine. Nasty bang to the head though! You've been out cold for a week." Kerry lay there. 

"A week?" She thought. "What must have happened in a week. I'm going into the Forrest again when I get out of this stupid hospital."

She lay there for another few hours and then heard someone enter. She looked over at the door. 

"How are you feeling Kerry? Gave us quite a shock you know."

"I'm fine Severus, I just want to leave."

"After you tell us what happened, you may go." 

"I'm not telling unless you promise to keep it to yourself." She folded her arms and looked at him. With a great huff he agreed. "Ok. Well, I snook out of the castle. Don't give me that look. Anyway, I went into the Forrest in my lynx form and ran for a bit. Then I came across a big black dog. He transformed back and so did I. It was Sirius Black. Just shush a minute. Right, so we talked then I ran. He ran after me, I panicked, fell and hit my head and knocked out. But I kind of woke a bit and someone was carrying me, it was him. He placed me in front of the doors, knocked and ran for it. Then I zoned out again." 

"Interesting. Ill have to tell Dumbledore!"

"No, no and no! You promised. Im leaving anyway." She hopped off the bed and walked out. She thought to herself. "I am not staying in there any longer. I think I'll go outside." She left through the front door and transformed at the edge of the trees. 

There he was. In the same place. She became human again and walked towards the sleeping dog. She poked him.

"Excuse me, I would like to talk." He hopped up and leapt back quickly. "Sorry, did I frighten you?" He transformed.

"No. It's ok. I'm a murderer aren't I?" He sighed. He walked closer. 

"I think I believe you but I want to know what happened. I'm Kerry Yaxley by the way." She held out her hand, he grasped it and shook. 

"Hello, I'm Sirius Black, innocent but a world renowned mass murderer and Voldamort puppet."

"Ok, enough of the sarcasm. What actually happened?" Kerry sat down on a near by rock. Sirius explained everything. How he swapped with Peter, how he offered to take Harry and how he had a daughter. But also why he left Azkaban. In search or Peter as he had found out that he was still alive and in the castle.

"I had a lovely family. A beautiful little girl, a lovely girlfriend and a sweet little house. That all changed in a hurry. My baby was two months older than Harry. 17th May to be precise." He smiled at Kerry.

"This can't be true! That is my birthday! Is she in my year?" She looked intrigued. 

"Yes she is in Harry's year. Her name is Kerry Yaxley." 

"M-m-me? Oh my god! No way. Why didn't my mother tell me? What a traitor. WOW!" She couldn't believe it. She had finally found her father, and although the murderer thing sounded pretty cool to her, it was not true. "Your my dad! I've waited 13years for this! My dad is Sirius Black! Oh yeah." She fist bumped the air and danced around a bit. 

"Erm, Kerry? I just wondered, are you okay? After last week?"

"Oh. Yeh fine, but of a headache but ill be ok. Severus seemed pretty worried actually." 

"Severus? Not Severus Snape! What a grease ball." Sirius sounded disgusted. 

"Yeh, him. But he's great! My favourite teacher. Mr Lupin is pretty cool as well."

"Not Remus Lupin? I can't believe it. One of my best friends!" They chatted for a few hours about their different lives. Sirius hated talking about Azkaban but felt he had to in order to get over it. They virtually talked about everything. 

After a small hug Kerry left. She was ecstatic, but couldn't tell anyone! She needed to speak to Mr.Lupin. She ran back up to the castle because it was dark. Slipped through the door, and ran towards the DADA room. 

"Professor, sir! Professor." She ran up to his office and looked around. Where was he? She walked towards the desk and walked behind it.

"Aaaahhhhh!" She screamed. "Help! Werewolf! In Professor Lupins Office." She ran out of the room and down the steps, but Severus ran into the classroom. 

"Kerry! Ssshhh! Let me explain this. In the morning meet me in here, I'll be with Lupin and shall explain. Don't speak a word to anyone."

"O-ok." She ran out and back to her common room. 

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