Kerry Yaxley is a proud pure-blood who is an animagus lynx, she has never known her father. However she runs into Sirius Black who has escaped from azkaban. She finds out some exciting but shocking news and can't wait to help him tell others the truth.



"Merry Christmas!!" She shouted up the boys dormitory stairs. "Get up Draco! It's Christmas." After about ten minutes Draco walked down the stairs in a full black suit and looking handsome as always. 

"You look well handsome!" They hugged and saw the large pile of presents under a magnificent tree. 

"You look lovely too." Said Draco. Kerry was wearing a light blue dress which was just above her knee which glimmered slightly and moved when she walked. 

"Thank you. Here's your present." She handed him a box with green and silver wrapping on. 

"Here's yours." He handed her a small box covered in pink glittery paper.

Draco opened his first.

"That is great! Thanks!" It was a blue shimmering Gobstones set. "Open yours."

Kerry carefully unwrapped her small box and looked at it. It was a jewellery box. She opened it and gasped. She threw her arms around him.

"Merlons beard Draco! Thank you so much!." It was a beautiful golden necklace with the word 'Kerry' in golden letters and a snake was intertwined around the name. "It's beautiful. I love it. Put it on for me please." She turned around and handed Draco the necklace. 

They both carried on opening their other presents and Kerry got to her last one. It was from her father, Sirius Black. She unwrapped it and saw a Rubby-O-Chicken, An Inflatable Tongue and an Extendable Ear. Along with another little box. She opened it and saw a gold bracelet which had a gold lynx on and a gold wolf (like Sirius' dog form). She laughed at the zonko products and put the bracelet on.

"They are all great. Ill have to go down and see him later. It must have cost a fortune!" She said happily.

"I'm still not sure about Black you know. But if your happy I guess there is nothing I can do. Lets go down and have our Christmas lunch." 

They arrived at the great hall and it had changed dramatically. The four large house tables were pushed to one side, leaving a small 12 seated in the middle of the room. Sat around it were, Professor's Dumbledore, Mcgonogal, Lupin, Snape, Flitwick and Madam Pomfrey. Also, the other students were already there. 

"Welcome Draco and Kerry! Please take a seat at with our little gathering." Boomed Dumbledore, he was in very high spirits. They sat down next to each other. Kerry was also next to Severus and Dumbledore was at one end and Mcgonogal at the other. 

"Hello Severus, merry Christmas!" She said cheerily.

"Yes, merry Christmas indeed. I haven't forgotten about your little run in with Grainger you know. You shall do a detention tonight, tomorrow and as many days after that as I wish necessary."

"Ooh, great present, thanks." She would not let detention get her down. They all ate happily and broke crackers as well. 

"Merry Christmas." They all turned round to see Professor Trelawny walking towards them. 

"Merry Christmas Sybil! Have a seat here next to me." Dumbledore conjured a seat and patted it. 

"Oh I think I will. No wait! Then there will be thirteen! when thirteen dine together, the first to rise will be the first to die. I cannot eat with you." She turned to leave. 

"Sybil! Come and sit down. Eat and enjoy yourself!" Dumbledore gave her a wide smile and she decided to stay. 

At the end of their Christmas lunch Kerry had gained a sneakoscope, Draco was wearing a pink paper hat, Severus had also gained a sneakoscope and Dumbledore had gained a large red leather hat with a pigeon on the top and Lupin had a blue hat with a large Christmas tree on top.

"Well that was fun. Now it's getting towards 5 so we may retreat to our quarters and enjoy ourselves further. Thank you all for coming down to this lunch." Dumbledore waved his hands and the mess dissapeared. As they were leaving they looked back round and the great hall was back to normal. Someone grabbed Kerry's arm.

"Hey! Get of!" She swiped the hand away. "You don't have to drag me Severus! Ill come to your stupid detention! See you later Draco." She said softly. 

Her and Severus walked down to his dungeon office and they walked in.

"So what do you want me to do?" She made it sound like she was excited, to annoy Severus. "Ooh, I hope I get to clean the floor, or the trophies, or even the whole great hall!" She clapped her hands together. 

"No actually. You will be with Lupin tonight. You shall be cleaning all of his desks and-"

"With no magic, ok." She mimicked.

"Yes, well. Return to his office at 6:30 sharp! Do not be late!!" He said sternly. She hopped out of his office and back to the common room for the hour of peace she had left. 

"Hey Draco. I've got detention in an hour. Lupins desks will be shining when I'm done with them!"

"How fun for you!" Draco barely spoke.

"What's wrong Draco?" She sat next to him. 

"You've got to do detention! It's Christmas. I had plans!" He held Kerry's hands. "I love you, you know. I wanted to make tonight special. I was going to set out a little picnic near the lake. I had put lights all over the trees and the floor. I guess it doesn't matter now though. Enjoy your detention." He explained. He let go of her hands and looked away.

"Oh Draco. I'm so sorry. But it's not my fault." 

"You got into a fight didn't you! Got yourself detention! You know what Snape is like!" He snapped. 

"I'm sorry." She went to hold his hand but he pulled away. 

"Just enjoy your detention." He left the room. Kerry began to sob. She ran out of the common room and ran for Lupins classroom. She went in a slammed the door. She slumped down to the floor and began to cry. 

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