One and only

Bea never thought anything would happen. She moved to London from her hometown in Surrey because of her dads new job. But she never thought she would end up meeting the biggest band on the planet let alone dating a member


1. New town

I got home from another boring day of university but luckily it was the last day of university  for forever,yes I am now officially free as a 18 year old. I ran up to my room. 

"Bea!" my Dad called. Midway up the stairs i stopped and turned around and back down the stairs, they really needed a new carpet to be honest.

"what?" I asked blankly.

"The thing is, because of my job we have to move house to London! how exciting!" He said cheerily. I looked at him like I was about to puke.

"What?! I don't want to move! We have only been here 9 months!" I stormed out and straight to my room. I cried into my bed covers for what seemed like forever. When there was a knock on my plain white door that had a couple of posters jotted on it. I didn't answer.

"Bea? can I come in?" Said my little sister Zoe. Her sweet soft voice calmed me down a little.

"Sure Zoe come in." I sat up on my bed and rested my head on the bed rest. A couple of seconds later a small head bopped into my bright pink room and I was greeted by a 5 year old. 

"Bea I don't want to move house I like this one." She said to me.

"Me either but we have to don't we or we will have no money from Dad's job." I comforted her pulling her into a hug. 

"Will you help me pack for tomorrow...?" She asked me. Tomorrow?! what we are leaving tomorrow?! Oh my god! I cannot believe him!

"Tomorrow?" I asked trying to stay calm around her.

"Mhmm we have to leave tomorrow, dads driving, its only a hour and a half drive though." She replied warmly.

"okay...Well we better pack shouldn't we!" I said merrily even though I really wasn't merry.


After we had finished packing Zoe's suitcases. We packed mine just clothes, the moving truck will be here tomorrow morning. The rest of the day just went normally except i didn't talk to my Dad at all. Jake was out with his mates, he is my eldest brother he's 21 and yes he still lives here but he is very responsible.

I don't have to say bye to anyone because i don't really have any friends I am quite shy I guess.

  *The next morning...*

We had to wake up early this morning because the moving van was coming at 7. UGH! I hate early mornings! 


I grabbed my ipod, phone and earphones and headed to the car. I jumped in the back of the BMW and put my seatbelt on, plugged my earphones into my ipod and said goodbye to the world for over an hour. This is going to be a fun ride.

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