Beautiful mistakes

When 17 year old Lexi Wood finds out she's pregnant with her boyfriend Justin Bieber she thinks the whole world is falling to pieces. She dosen't want to believe she's going to be a mother, but when reality hits her she does the pressure to be the right parent. What will Lexi do? Can things ever be the same again? And can something as horrible as a teen pregnancy turn into something lovely and special?


4. Telling everyone




I set the headphones down at the chair that I was wearing when I recorded 'What she wants'. I sang 'Be alright' to Lexi the day she told me she was pregnant. It helped her feel better and it calmed her down. It calmed me down too because I was scared too as well, I'm 18 and I'm gonna be a father. That's a good age but she's 17 and I'm thinking of my career too. But I will have a family now and I will need to take bigger and longer brakes to spend more time with my family. 


The first person I told was my mom, she was a little dissapointed in me but she was also very supportive. Thank god. But my dad on the other hand.. The flipped shit and yelled at me, told me that I made the biggest mistake of my life. So i left, I didn't wanna hear anymore of his yelling and bullshit because he is such a hypocrite. 


I then went down to Scooter's house and sat him down, I calmly told him that I got my girlfriend pregnant and surprisingly he was calm. After a long talk a met up with Usher in his private resturant.


Usher is like an older brother to me, he has thaught me a lot about all the fame, fans and all the things that come with being famous. He's my mentor as well, so it was hard telling him I got Lexi pregnant. He loves Lexi as a little sister you know..


I remember after I told him, he pulled me into a hug, it wasn't like the typical warm hug, it was a brotherly hug. He looked at me after we pulled apart and told me I have his support, I smiled and thanked him. 


When it came to telling my fans, I was worried they'd hate me, or they'd hate Lexi, so i decided to wait a couple of months but then the paparazzi got a picture of her baby bump and it ended up in magazines, rumors started to spread so I went to the Ellen show and comfirmed that Lexi is pregnant and I'm going to be a father.


So now Lexi is 6 and a half month pregnant.


I've been kinda stressed out lately so i decided to meet up with Ryan at McDonald's and talk to him. Ryan and I are like brothers, we've known each other since we were kids. I still call him Butsy and he gets all annoyed by it, it's funny.


The parking lot was packed and when I walked in the line was huge. I scanned the place until my gaze landed on a brown headed guy stuffing his face with a BigMac. 


Yup, that is definitley Butsy. I chuckled as I walked over to the table he was sitting at. I took a seat in front of him.


''Hey, Butsy'' I said.


''Stop calling me that, Justy'' He laughed and finished eating his food.


 After that we started talking about a lot of stuff.




A/N: Hi babes, this chapter was just a little shortie, I hope you like it so far. Please comment and tell me what you think! :*<3 Loveu all. 

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