Beautiful mistakes

When 17 year old Lexi Wood finds out she's pregnant with her boyfriend Justin Bieber she thinks the whole world is falling to pieces. She dosen't want to believe she's going to be a mother, but when reality hits her she does the pressure to be the right parent. What will Lexi do? Can things ever be the same again? And can something as horrible as a teen pregnancy turn into something lovely and special?


3. Talking


27 weeks pregnant.




When I found out I was pregnant I was shocked and scared at the same time. I didn't know what I was gonna do. I'm still a kid myself.. I remember how much I cried when I found out and when I told my mom I was pregnant. She was really dissapointed in me, so was Pattie. Justin was some what exited of the idea of becoming a father but at the same time I was worried that this pregnancy would ruin his career and his fans would hate us..


I was really scared for the longest time. It took a month for Justin to finally tell Scooter and his fans about the pregnancy. Scooter was mad at first but he got over it because he couldn't change it anyway. His fans supported us. And what would the world be without hate? Of coarse I got hate tweets and mails but I just ignored them. 


My mom got used to the idea of becoming a grandmother and she was finally happy for me and Justin. I don't know what I would to without her in my life. 


''Kind of already knew you were pregnant when I heard you throwing up for over 3 weeks'' My mom chuckled.


I asked her about how she felt when I told her about the pregnancy and we got into this conversation.


I chuckled. ''I didn't think it was that obvious to be honest''


My mom had me when she was my age, so in a way she understands where I'm coming from, which is probably one good reason why she's so supportive of my pregnancy.


''Oh, it was very obvious honey'' She laughed a little.






I found out I'm having a girl and we named her Rebecca. I'm going to the mall with Katy today to have som girl time since we hardly never see each other anymore. Justin will be at the studio most of the day.


I took a quick shower and got dressed in a pair of jeans shorts and a pink top. I heard honking and made my way downstairs and outside. Katy was sitting in her car waiting for me.




We decided to drink something at starbucks. 


''What did you think when I told you I was pregnant?'' I asked her as I took a slurp from my drink.


'' I was shocked. I mean like, you've always been suck a goody two shooes'' She laughed as I cracked up a little. ''I just never thought you'd have sex so young, I mean, get pregnant'' 


''Well hey! Shit happens right?'' I laughed a little. 


''We all miss you at school'' She told me.


After I found out I was pregnant I took a brake from school until next year. I just didn't wanna deal with everyone staring at me and talking shit about me behind my back, especially Vanessa Blunt.


Vanessa Blunt is probably the biggest fucking slut in Stratford high. She hooked up with half of the guys there, she's suck a stuck up snobby bitch in my opinion. She thinks her shit don't stink because her daddy is the richest man in the state. God, it pisses me off. 




Me and Katy sat at a bench after shopping in ten different stores, we bought a few things there and decided to relax and talk a little more before we headed home.


I've always know Katy has had a crush on Justin's bestfriend Ryan. I don't know how he feels about her, but she likes him a lot. Like, she even blushes when his name is mentioned. 


''Nah, he would never go for a girl like me. It's just not possible, I mean, I'm not even his type'' She confided in me. 


''You know his type?'' I asked her.


''Well, I'm not 100 percent sure about what his type is, but I know I'm not his type''


We mush have talked about this subject for over an hour now because it was starting to get dark outside, we both stood up and made our way to the car and drove back to my house. 




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