Beautiful mistakes

When 17 year old Lexi Wood finds out she's pregnant with her boyfriend Justin Bieber she thinks the whole world is falling to pieces. She dosen't want to believe she's going to be a mother, but when reality hits her she does the pressure to be the right parent. What will Lexi do? Can things ever be the same again? And can something as horrible as a teen pregnancy turn into something lovely and special?


7. Surprise





I walked downstairs and took my iPhone of the charger and placed it in my purse, I made sure I had the keys to the house and then I were ready. I opened the door and Justin went wide eyed. He was just staring at me not making a sound. After what seemed like hours I snapped my fingers infront of his eyes, he blinked a couple of times and finally showed his smile and looked into my eyes. I just smiled because it looked like he just wanted to rip my dress off right here and right now.


''You look beautiful'' He told me, and I blushed.


''Thanks babe'' I smiled and looked at him with a sexy smirk on my face just to tease him.


''Sorry to interupt you two here but I'm gonna go home'' Katy's voice rang in my ears. 


''Have fun'' Katy hugged me and then she left.


Justin walked over and placed his right hand on my waist.


''Stop looking at me like that, you're making him exited'' Justin whispered into my ear.


''That's the point baby'' I laughed and pecked his lips.


Justin just smiled.


''Anyways, shall we go m'lady?'' Justin asked and I giggled.


I took his hand and we walked out of the house, I locked the door and turned around. Justin was here with his white ferrari. We got into the car and drove of to where ever Justin was taking me.




We came to stop at a dark beach. Justin handed me a blindfold, I gave him a wierd look but tied it over my eyes. He helped me out of the car and started to lead me somewhere with his hand by my waist. I hate blindfolds but I was starting to get really curious and felt some butterflies in my stomach. 


''Can I please take this thing of me?'' I whined.


''Not yet babe, I'll tell you when'' He replied.


''Why am I even wearing this?'' I asked.


''Maybe because I wanna surprise you?'' He chuckled.


''Alright'' I replied.


After a five minute walk, we came to a stop. I felt a cool breeze wash over me, I just stood here and waited for the sound of Justin's voice. I really wonder what this surprise is..


''Okay babe, now you can take it off'' I heard Justin's voice say.


I slowly took the blindfold off and what I saw made my heart skip a beat. I felt a smile creep on my face as I looked at my surroundings. A beautiful tent all lit up with pillows and candles and omg it's just so beautiful. I was over whelmed and I guess I was starting to cry a little because I had tears welling up in my eyes. I finally snapped out of my trance and looked at Justin who was just smiling at me.


''It's beautiful..'' I spoke


''Just like you honey'' He smiled.


I blushed.


''Right this was my love'' He added, taking my hand.


Oh my god, Justin is so damn perfect, I can't even. Ugh, he's so sexy.


We took a seat on the big pillows. There was two plates with steak and sallad on them, yum, that looked so delicious. 




The food was delicious, and I ate it here during such a beautiful night, like, this was so romantic. I smiled as Justin stood up and grabbed my hand helping me up. I don't know what he's about to do, but I have a feeling it's gonna be something good.


We walked over to the ocean, it wasn't even cold when we stepped into the water, the warm waves splashed at out feet. Justin looked into my eyes, holding my cheek and rubbing his thumb over it.


''Lexi, words can't explain how much I love you. You're my life, my whole world. The only thing that matters in my life. When I first met you I knew you were the girl I wanted to spend the rest of my life with, start a family with. We now have a baby on the way, a part of both us is now growing inside of you.. I guess what I'm trying to say is..''


He got down on one knee and opened up a little black velvet box to reveal a beautiful diamond ring. I gasped as tears brimmed my eyes.


''Lexi Rebecca Woods, will you marry me?''


I had tears streaming down my face as the words left his perfect lips. I was totally speechless. It took me a moment to get the words out.


''Yes, yes, Justin a million times yes!'' I cried of happiness. 


He placed the ring on my finger and lifted me up, spinning me around and kissing me passionatly.




A/N: Awwwww! How fucking beautiful was that? I was so exited about writing this chapter, I'm sitting here crying tears of happiness, omg. So sweeeeeet! And some of you maybe noticed that Lexi's middle namne is Rebecca, and the baby is going to be named Rebecca. This is just the cutest chapter ever. Anyways, I love you guys. Please leave a comment, like and favorite this story. Kisses <3 

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