Beautiful mistakes

When 17 year old Lexi Wood finds out she's pregnant with her boyfriend Justin Bieber she thinks the whole world is falling to pieces. She dosen't want to believe she's going to be a mother, but when reality hits her she does the pressure to be the right parent. What will Lexi do? Can things ever be the same again? And can something as horrible as a teen pregnancy turn into something lovely and special?


2. Prolouge



Hey! I'm Lexi and I'm 17 years old. I'm from Stratford, Canada. I've always been a straight student in school. I'm not all that popular but I have a lot of friends. But my bestfriend that i grew up with is Katy.


I started to date my boyfriend Justin Bieber 1 year ago. Actually my parents never liked him because of his big career. 


My dad passed away 5 months into mine and Justin's relationship, It was devasting and I was so sad I didn't wanna go anywhere or talk to anybody except Justin.


My mom still dosen't like Justin.


But mom's gonna have to get used to Justin being around though because..


I'm pregnant.

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